Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Patrick D. Martin - Patrick D. Martin (US LP / 1981)

01 Computer Datin' 2:46
02 Police Paranoia 3:59
03 Press The Button 2:50
04 ? (Question Mark) 3:34
05 I Like 'Lectric Motors 2:25
06 Mutant 4:10
07 Time 6:00

Bonus Tracks

08 I Like 'Lectric Motors (Echo Fade) 2:26
09 Press The Button (Extended Fade) 2:59

Original U.S. LP release on I.R.S. The hit being 'I Like 'Lectric' Motors' which was released as a single in 1979. Cutting edge 'New Wave' in the vein of how Gary Numan's 'The Pleasure Principle' was typecast. These are simple syncopated synth beats with a heavy English accent on the vocals. My personal favorite is 'Lectric Motors', but 'Computer Datin' comes in at a close second. I took some liberties to include a few extra mixes to the file. Nothing outrageously special, just my treatment of a few tracks that will allow for less of that COLD ending for DJing. 

All WAV recording are from this release which you can find here.  All the original art was HD scanned at 600dpi from my copy. Thanks friends. Enjoy!