Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Modern English - Stop Start (CD Wounded Bird Reissue / 2010)

01 The Border 4:08
02 Ink & Paper 3:58
03 Night Train 3:06
04 I Don't Know The Answer 3:09
05 Love Breaks Down 5:24
06 Breaking Away 4:03
07 The Greatest Show 4:52
08 Love Forever 3:29
09 Start Stop / Stop Start 5:46

I purchased this and sold it years ago. Damn. It is now going for ridiculous money on discogs. This is the Wounded Bird reissue. No bonus tracks and I'm uncertain of the source material used to make this. It is currently the only 'CD' version of this release originally put out in 1986.

Aside from that, I did at least make a 320kbps copy and scanned the art. I would have done this completely different back in the day knowing what I know now, but that's that. Enjoy this lovely treat.