Sunday, September 30, 2018

Spectrum - Indian Summer EP (Import CD / 1993)

01 Indian Summer 3:10
02 Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullabye) 2:33
03 It's Alright 6:25
04 True Love Will Find You In The End 3:36

Recently sold. All scans included and WAV format recording.

Fatal Morgana - I Believe (Import 12 Inch / 1989)

01 I Believe (Techno Club Mix) 5:18
02 I Believe (Radio Mix / Einstein Mix) 4:56
03 Mahadma Ghandi (Chinese Version) 3:08

This track eluded me for years. My hat is off to the discogs site, as usual, and to 91.7 WMSE DJ/Manager Tom Crawford for spinning it on his Thursday night shows back in 1990. I only had it on a cassette recorded from one of his shows, until now. All recordings (in WAV) and art are from my twelve inch purchased on discogs and now currently being sold there.