Monday, May 28, 2018

Signal Aout 42 (SA42) - Pleasure And Crime (1989 / Import 12 Inch)

01 Pleasure And Crime (Remix '88) 7: 34
02 Pleasure And Crime (House Mix) 4:25
03 Pleasure And Crime (Instrumental) 7:42

Hands down, this is my favorite SA42 track! Jacky Meurisse's choice to remake his original 1986 release is exceptional and well timed. The explosion of electronic music in Europe, specifically acid house and new beat, clearly 'signaled' a time for a remix and what a job well done. This version sounding fresh and punchy compared to the rather somber and darker original. Every EBM/New Beat/Hard Beat mix tape I made back in '89-'91 included this track and it was an early staple in my DJ sets. The house mix is just that, but nowhere close to what could have been done given the bass heavy, acid squelching extended house tracks of the time.

All tracks were recorded in 16/44 lossless flac from my second copy of this 12 inch. It's going for about $20 on discogs these days. All art was HD scanned and cleaned up with photoshop. Thank you friends! Enjoy!


  1. My first taste into SA42. This was huge in Houston and Austin EBM/new beat clubs back in '89-'90. Thanks.

    1. I guess you could say mine too. Didn't take long to try and locate more. Of course, this was rather difficult back then. No big internet, no discogs! It only got minimal college radio play here in Milwaukee, but once I heard this track, I made sure to include it in all my dj sets whenever possible. Thanks for the comment!