Friday, April 6, 2018

Rhythmatic - Take Me Back (Remix) (Import 12 Inch / 1990)

01 Take Me Back (Headstrong Remix With Bleeps) 6:04
02 Take Me Back (0254 Remix With Feeling) 6:15

My love for Rhythmatic goes back to the Bio Rhythm (Dance Music With Bleeps) compilations from 1990 on the lovely Network label. Bottom end LFO and plink-plonky bleeps that began the 'washing machine' dance party rush of pre-technorave events. The sounds that mixed Detroit techno with Birmingham manipulations to forge a new sound....the 'Network' label sound. Those years from 1989-1991 were fine tuned with many tracks and artists dabbling in this style.

I was hoping to find a CD version of this somewhere out there, but it's not to happen. I purchased this specifically for the two harder to find remixes. Recorded in 16/44 lossless as always with HD scans. These tracks were a bit harder to digitally clean up. The frequencies are all over the board due to the LFO bass and high end bleeps, so there will be some dynamic range and light white noise issues. It sounds great, but a good ear will hear the slight discrepancies. All good either way as it's not on CD. Happy Friday friends! Enjoy!



  1. GREAT STUFF RA Feutz! I also loved those early Network comps. Funny thing back then, I thought they were releases from Nettwerk (was buying everything from them at that time). Those where happy mistakes!

    1. Thanks! Nice to hear from you. I've been hit and miss with my blog and viewing others, such as yourself. Yeah, that Network / Nettwerk thing threw me for a bit back then too, but quickly realized the big diffy! :)