Friday, September 15, 2017

The Booze Bros. Revue - Rockin' Rhythm 'n' Booze (LP / 1982)

01 The Horse 2:18
02 I Do 3:09
03 Soothe Me 3:19
04 Looking Back 2:24
05 Natural Woman 3:46
06 I Don't Know What You Mean To Me 2:55

07 Get It, Get It 3:46
08 Bring It Up 4:28
09  Got To Get You Off My Mind 2:26
10 St. James Infirmary 4:25
11 When The Saints Go Marching In 4:39


12 Shout 3:41 (Taken from the 45 of the same name)
13 36-22-36 3:46 (B-side of the Shout 45)
14 Can't Say No 4:14 (Taken from the Milwaukee Sampler Vol. 1 LP)

What can I say, I have a deep love of all bands that came out of Milwaukee during the late 70's and 80's...some 90's too! Growing up in MKE and seeing many of them in my youth, fueled my interest to take this LP release and make it into digital format for the world to hear. On a side note, this was a project for a friend, actually my local Postal carrier, who spends quite a bit of time chatting music with me instead of delivering the mail. Sorry if your parcel was!

This is a R& B group that was very big back then. They followed the 'Blues Brothers' idea and made it there own. I'm certain if you do any searching on the web, you will find plenty of information about them. Far more that what I can provide, given I was barely 14 when they peaked. Some excellent horns and great vocals here. My particular favorites are 'Get It, Get It' and the lovely b-side of Shout, '36-22-36'. Good fun if you are into this style and quite honestly, a whole lot of fun if you're tippin' a few brewski's! Discogs link here for more info etc.

All recordings are directly from the vinyl releases into 16/44 flac. All scans are taken from the original work as well. Have a great weekend my friends! Enjoy!

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