Friday, September 22, 2017

Blacklist - The Sign Of 4 (EP / 1984)

01 Steady On The Steel 5:43
02 Confrontation 5:28
03 Sin Of Sentence 6:01
04 Revenge 7:21

'M-m-m-m-m-m-Metal Shop, the only show with teeth!' Perhaps some of you will remember that opening jingle from the nationally broadcast radio program 'Metal Shop' that dates back to 1984 or so. Don't tell me I've already lost the lot of you? Ok...I'm going for some big diversity here by adding this Milwaukee heavy metal act, but's Milwaukee based. Recall my last post? 
I was a high school metal head. I will finally admit! I heard this band at the zenith of my mid teen passion for all things kerang! I even got to see them play live once as the opening act for Accept (w/ Udo Dirkschneider) on the 1984 'Balls To The Wall' world tour. That's about all I got regarding Blacklist. This was their only EP release. Back in the day this release flooded the local bins for cheap. Nowadays, if your lucky, you can get it for $30+! I found mine for $14 in a dusty record crate at a local Cedarburg antique shop...yup! Gold was found that day, well to me at least. 
I've taken great time and painstaking measures to right the ills of the artwork...for the most part. The record itself was in ace condition and the recording sounds nice. No issues there. Everything was from my copy (now recently sold), all scans too. Lossless 16/44 for your aural pleasure. Happy Friday and Autumn salutes to you all. Enjoy!


  1. Bitchin' cover, dude! (80s Metal lingo) but seriously, I LOVE The cover ... lol

    I was more of a "HARDCORE' (Punk/Crossover) fan back then, but I loved ACCEPT, so if they opened for them, this should be great stuff!

    1. Thanks FH! They are ok, by metal and MKE standards. You be the judge. The opening track is pretty decent!

  2. Really cool band!
    A bit similar to T.T. Quick, but not silly copy of Accept. :-)

    Rised from ashes of our minds!
    Thank you, RA Feutz!