Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie Sexton - Pictures For Pleasure (CD / 1985)

01 Impressed 4:19
02 Beats So Lonely 5:16
03 Restless 4:58
04 Hold me 4:32
05 Pictures For Pleasure 4:57
06 Tell Me 4:32
07 Attractions 4:30
08 You Don't Belong Here 4:58
09 Space 3:31

I recently replaced a broken link to Charlie Sexton's twelve inch for 'Impressed' and it got me to thinking. One, I need to redo his first two twelve inch releases in a lossless format with HD scans and two, I really should post this full length to coincide with my recent blog posts. you have it. Not a hard to find CD, but still, worthy of a share. This takes me back to the mid eighties nightclub scene, when music was music and Dead Or Alive would be played next to Gene Loves Jezebel and it ALL worked. Ha! I guess Sundays are for reminiscing about 'them' glory days. Anyway, here you are. All the scans and a lossless share for your 'pleasure'. Thanks as always and enjoy!


  1. Wow great post!! thank u!

    1. Sure thing! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Only ever known "Beat's So Lonely", which I like, so I was interested to hear this album. It's surprisingly decent - solid enough songs, and while Keith Forsey's production is definitely indicative of the era, that's not a bad thing. Good stuff - thanks RA.

    Don't suppose you have the Japanese "Mixed Impressions" CD EP?

    1. Thanks Shelf! I'm already looking into the EP you speak of. Gotta love Discogs!!!

  3. Fantastic! I've been hoping for a copy of this for years.

  4. Ohhh, THIS ALBUM. The first time I ever heard "Beat's So Lonely," I was in a "new wave club" (sadly, gone now thanks to Hurricane Katrina) during my college years at Tulane. I immediately fell in love with the song and bought the album (on vinyl, no less! ah, them was the days) the next day. All these years later, I still love that song -- and the entire album! And his second self-titled album is pretty great, too. He's an amazing musician.

    Have you ever heard the self-titled album he did with the Arc Angels back in the 90s? That one is definitely worth a listen. The track "Sent By Angels" is a pretty damn good indication that there just might be a heaven, at least in the musical sense.

    1. I agree with you! I was at a 'long-gone' club when I first heard him and the video too! I'll need to find his second release and go back to the Arc Angels again. Thanks for the comment! :)

  5. His self titled album after "pictures" is even better, both produced by Billy idols team.

  6. I figured you might enjoy the remixes on CD3:

    Huey Lewis & The News – Collected [3CD] (2017)

    CD1 has single edits:
    CD3 with the remixes:


    01. Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)
    02. Now Here’S You (Single Version)
    03. Stop Trying
    04. Trouble In Paradise
    5. Do You Believe In Love
    06. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
    07. Workin’ For A Livin’
    08. Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
    09. Heart And Soul (Single Edit)
    10. I Want A New Drug (Single Edit)
    11. The Heart Of Rock & Roll (Single Edit)
    12. If This Is It
    13. Walking On A Thin Line (Singleedit )
    14. Bad Is Bad
    15. The Power Of Love
    16. Back In Time (Jellybean Single Mix)
    17. Stuck With You
    18. Hip To Be Square
    19. Jacob’S Ladder (Single Version)
    20. I Know What I Like (Single Version)

    CD 2

    01. Simple As That
    02. Doing It All For My Baby
    03. Perfect World
    04. Small World (Single Version)
    05. Give Me The Keys (And I’Ll Drive You Crazy) (Single Edit)
    06. World To Me
    07. alking With The Kid
    08. Couple Days Off (Short Edit)
    09. It Hit Me Like A Hammer (Sax Single Remix)
    10. He Don’T Know
    11. (She’S) Some Kind Of Wonderful
    12. But It’S Alright
    13. Little Bitty Pretty One
    14. 100 Years From Now
    15. We’Re Not Here For A Long Time (We’Re Here For A Good Time)
    16. Let Her Go And Start Over (Radio Edit)
    17. I’M Not In Love Yet (With Wynonna Judd)
    18. Pineapple Express
    19. Respect Yourself
    20. Just The One (I’Ve Been Looking For)

    CD 3

    01. Clover – Streets Of London
    02. Clover – Ain’T Nobody Own Nobody’S Soul
    03. American Express – Exodisco
    04. American Express – Kick Back
    05. Trouble In Paradise (Live)
    06. Flip Flop & Fly
    07. Oh! Darling
    08. Once Upon A Time In New York City
    09. Feelin’ Alright
    10. Lonely Teardrops
    11. Strokeland Superband Ft. Huey Lewis – Work With Me
    12. Brenda Lee & Huey Lewis – Oh! Happy Day
    13. Frankie Miller & Huey Lewis – Way Past Midnight
    14. I Want A New Drug (Extended Version/Dance Mix)
    15. Heart And Soul (Jellybean Remix)
    16. The Power Of Love (Jellybean Remix)
    17. Hip To Be Square (Dance Remix)

    1. Thanks! I recently had found this as well. I troll about 20 blog sites a day...or should I say every evening!! :)