Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie Sexton - Pictures For Pleasure (CD / 1985)

01 Impressed 4:19
02 Beats So Lonely 5:16
03 Restless 4:58
04 Hold me 4:32
05 Pictures For Pleasure 4:57
06 Tell Me 4:32
07 Attractions 4:30
08 You Don't Belong Here 4:58
09 Space 3:31

I recently replaced a broken link to Charlie Sexton's twelve inch for 'Impressed' and it got me to thinking. One, I need to redo his first two twelve inch releases in a lossless format with HD scans and two, I really should post this full length to coincide with my recent blog posts. you have it. Not a hard to find CD, but still, worthy of a share. This takes me back to the mid eighties nightclub scene, when music was music and Dead Or Alive would be played next to Gene Loves Jezebel and it ALL worked. Ha! I guess Sundays are for reminiscing about 'them' glory days. Anyway, here you are. All the scans and a lossless share for your 'pleasure'. Thanks as always and enjoy!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stabilizers - Tyranny (CD / 1986)

01 Tyranny 4:31
02 (If I) Found Rome 4:40
03 I Don't Need The Pain 4:05
04 Now I here You 4:05
05 One Simple Thing 4:10
06 Underground 4:47
07 Does Your Love Lie Open? 4:32
08 Place To Hide 3:43
09 You Pull Me Down 4:03

Following suit with my previous post. I picked this one up for about $20, but is sells for far more! The Stabilizers had one big track 'One Simple Thing' then seemed to just fade away from it all. Kind of funny too, as it seemed acts similar to them such as the Cutting Crew, Outfield and Pseudo Echo were making a big splash on the airwaves and in the Pop Rock world. Either way, it is a fine song that doesn't particularly have a personal memory attached to it. The rest of the disc seems a bit dated, but still holds up well. Other standout tracks include the title track 'Tyranny' and 'Underground'. All scans are included here along with lossless (FLAC) recording. Thanks. Enjoy!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Rock And Hyde - Under The Volcano (Import CD / 1987)

Blame it on the Summer. I've neglected the blog due to a variety of reasons, but I'm going with the excuse 'Summer' and all it has to offer. Actually, I have been busy, but my goals remain true. Recent record and CD purchases have been numerous. One of my biggest focuses has been the Pop-Rock scene of the mid to late eighties. A mass of HTF CD's from one off artists have been purchased via all avenues for an undisclosed amount of coin! This post being one of them. I posted the 12 inch of 'Dirty Water' previously and I still want to get my hands on the 'I Will' extended release, but for now, the full length will have to suffice. This release will forever remind me of the Summer of 1987. Recorded in lossless FLAC this time around with all the scans included. 'Summer On' my friends...Thanks as always! Enjoy!

Just a quick update (8-5-17), There was an issue with the tracking on the last recording. I want to thank DJ Shelf for pointing that out to me! All tracks have been properly restored and a new link has been provided.