Sunday, June 18, 2017

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Singles Collection 1982-1987 (Import CD / 1994)

01 Beating My Head 3:16
02 I'm Still Waiting 3:58
03 Take It All Away 2:50
04 Happy 3;40
05 He's Read 2:59
06 See The Fire 2:30
07 Monkey's On Juice 3:13
08 Push 3:03
09 Silence 2;29
10 Hollow Eyes 3:03
11 Feel A Piece 2:39
12 Chance 5:19
13 Generation 3:07
14 Spinning Round 2:50
15 Hold Yourself Down 2:54
16 Regenerate 2:23
17 Walking On Your Hands 2:40
18 Which Side 2:05
19 Jipp (Instrumental) 2:58
20 Cut Down 3:47
21 Burning Fever 2:28
22 Pushed Me 2:18
23 Crawling Mantra 2:40
24 Hang Man 3:15
25 All The Same 2:55
26 Shout At The Sky 3:04

A lovely find, if I do say so myself. Find, as in, I went to a local record store (Stardust Records & Collectibles) over the weekend and came across a ton of hard to find, rare and out of print CD's and records, all going for a measly two dollars a piece! Kid in a candy store! I should have bought more, but I though $300 spent was well enough alone at that point. Your benefit and mine. You get some classic releases (lossless and HD scanned images) and I get to beef up my blog....and Discogs store. 

Let's begin with this RLYL release from 1994 on Cherry Red. I had a CD-r version of this during my days of djing back in the mid 90's to early 2000's. I had always wanted the original because my CD-r was not well noted with the tracks or time list. I just had to know what to go with. A bit frustrating when you are in the mix and need a track asap. This being 26 tracks made it an even bigger issue. Let's just leave those djing stories back in the past for now. Quick note...Happy Father's day to all my followers who fall into that category. I for one enjoyed a completely relaxing day of doing some yard work and then capping it of with this post. Thanks again friends. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent post! I recently just got into Red Lorry, Yellow lorry having completely missed the boat with them back in the day. Looking forward to hearing these singles.

    It must be nice to have an actual record and cd store to shop at. Now, I'm jealous and maybe a little depressed.

    1. Thanks Charles! Yes, I was new to them myself in the mid 90's, but now own a good rash of their releases. Regarding records stores, I have about 5 to pick from all within about a 30 minute drive, so there are benefits, but I don't always come home with big prizes. Hit or miss style shopping and lucky in the moment. :)

  2. Thank You. One of my favorite bands from back in the day. Still in heavy rotation on my ipod.

    1. Thanks! Perhaps there is something specific by them you might be looking for. I still have about 5-10 other releases. Some LP's and several 12 inches that might duplicate what is on here. Feed me Seymour! ;)

    2. Any of these 12 inches would be great. Hollow Eyes,Monkeys On Juice, Chance, Spinning Round, Walking On Your Hands...

    3. Yes. I believe I have all! :)

  3. -= Faith Healer =-June 23, 2017 at 7:08 PM

    I LOVE THIS BAND and used to play them on "alternative night" a lot!


    haven't listened to it yet, but read that this release has a lot of idiosyncrocies/errors, which would make it extra special:

    I would love it!!!

    It's very apparent that all of the tracks were recorded straight from vinyl, the quality of the vinyl varies greatly with some tracks much worse than others. The track Monkey On Juice was recorded while the record was being turned and you can get a good laugh at it "revving" up.

    Another goof is that track 15 is listed as "Hold Yourself Down" but is actually called "Spinning Round (Crash Mix). "Hold Yourself Down" is actually track 16 but the title of that song is "Regenerate" which I have never heard of before and it doesn't seem to exist on any RLYL single that I've ever heard of.

    My other gripe is about the constant skipping on quite a few of the songs at the end such as: Jipp (Instrumental), Cut Down, Burning Fever, Pushed Me, Crawling Mantra, Hang Man, All The Same and Shout At The Sky. That's every song from tracks 19-26. What a complete waste. It's possible that I might have a defective disc, but I highly doubt it considering all the other problems.

    Another thing is that you are still missing 3 singles songs: "Russia" (on Hollow Eyes 12"), "Paint Your Wagon" and "More Jipp" (both on Paint Your Wagon 7").

    1. I haven't personally tracked through the CD, but these could be issues here as well. Unknown at the time. Perhaps others will chime in. As for the missing 12 inches, I might have those too. I'll need to record these straight from the record source with all the scans too. :)

  4. -= Faith Healer =-June 23, 2017 at 7:08 PM

    Tracks 1 to 2 are taken from Beating My Head / I'm Still Waiting, Red Rhino Records, 1982.
    Tracks 3 to 4 are taken from Take It All, Red Rhino Records, 1983.
    Tracks 5 to 6 are taken from He's Read, Red Rhino Records, 1983.
    Tracks 7 to 9 are taken from Monkeys On Juice, Red Rhino Records, 1984.
    Tracks 10 to 11 are taken from Hollow Eyes, Red Rhino Records, 1984.
    Tracks 12 to 13 are taken from Chance, Red Rhino Records, 1985.
    Tracks 14 to 16 are taken from Spinning Round, Red Rhino Records, 1985.
    Tracks 17 to 19 are taken from Walking On Your Hands, Red Rhino Records, 1986.
    Tracks 20 to 22 are taken from Cut Down, Red Rhino Records, 1986.
    Tracks 23 to 26 are taken from Crawling Mantra, Red Rhino Records, 1987.

    Track 26 is a Live version.

    1. Thanks for the info! Regarding the Prince, I already grabbed a 320 and lossless that was out there yesterday. I'm waiting on my own 'physical' copy to arrive for my collection. Thanks for the linkage nonetheless! :)

    2. Kind of surprised the RLYL box set from last year hasn't been easy find. They finally remastered Nothing's Wrong. And I hear Cherry Red didn't screw it up.

    3. That I will have to look into. Thanks!

  5. -= Faith Healer =-June 24, 2017 at 8:38 AM

    what did you think about it ... I was able to listen to the whole thing yesterday ... It's nice that Prince actually remastered the album himself ... what did you think about the new track?

    1. No time to listen. I downloaded them, but have yet to open. I hope the remastering is up to par! :)

  6. If you want to post a link for the newer box set, here you go. It's everything minus the last record from 1991 and the BBC sessions from See The Fire. Finally Nothing Wrong doesn't sound like it as mastered through wet plaster and mud.
    You might use a better filehost service than cloudy and if you know anyone on Waffles, there is FLAC to be had. The files are Lame V0 from lossless with the dingy cover art brightened. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! I recently found this in FLAC, I'm assuming it's the same one?