Sunday, June 18, 2017

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Singles Collection 1982-1987 (Import CD / 1994)

01 Beating My Head 3:16
02 I'm Still Waiting 3:58
03 Take It All Away 2:50
04 Happy 3;40
05 He's Read 2:59
06 See The Fire 2:30
07 Monkey's On Juice 3:13
08 Push 3:03
09 Silence 2;29
10 Hollow Eyes 3:03
11 Feel A Piece 2:39
12 Chance 5:19
13 Generation 3:07
14 Spinning Round 2:50
15 Hold Yourself Down 2:54
16 Regenerate 2:23
17 Walking On Your Hands 2:40
18 Which Side 2:05
19 Jipp (Instrumental) 2:58
20 Cut Down 3:47
21 Burning Fever 2:28
22 Pushed Me 2:18
23 Crawling Mantra 2:40
24 Hang Man 3:15
25 All The Same 2:55
26 Shout At The Sky 3:04

A lovely find, if I do say so myself. Find, as in, I went to a local record store (Stardust Records & Collectibles) over the weekend and came across a ton of hard to find, rare and out of print CD's and records, all going for a measly two dollars a piece! Kid in a candy store! I should have bought more, but I though $300 spent was well enough alone at that point. Your benefit and mine. You get some classic releases (lossless and HD scanned images) and I get to beef up my blog....and Discogs store. 

Let's begin with this RLYL release from 1994 on Cherry Red. I had a CD-r version of this during my days of djing back in the mid 90's to early 2000's. I had always wanted the original because my CD-r was not well noted with the tracks or time list. I just had to know what to go with. A bit frustrating when you are in the mix and need a track asap. This being 26 tracks made it an even bigger issue. Let's just leave those djing stories back in the past for now. Quick note...Happy Father's day to all my followers who fall into that category. I for one enjoyed a completely relaxing day of doing some yard work and then capping it of with this post. Thanks again friends. Enjoy!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Spoons - Collectible Spoons (Canadian Import CD / 1994)

The highly underrated Spoons! I have to go back to my youth, specifically 1982, to recall the brilliant hit 'Nova Heart'. It's where it all started for me and I've collected all their work since. That track in particular came on the airwaves and I was immediately transported into another world. A Flock Of Seagulls and Strange Advance are right there with it, in 1982, that is. This is a fine compilation that covers most of the early releases stretching from 1981-1988. I owned this years ago, and like most everything I owned, it was sold...then repurchased. Ahh youth (smh)! This is all in WAV format and includes every scan from my CD. Happy June Friday my friends! Enjoy!