Monday, May 29, 2017

The Lotus Eaters - No Sense Of Sin (Import Expanded Remaster CD / 2010)

01 German Girl 3:14
02 Love Still Flows 3:56
03 Can You Keep A Secret 3:12
04 Out On Your Own 3:58
05 Put Your Touch On Love 3:55
06 Too Young 2:56
07 Set Me Apart 4:02
08 You Fill Me With Need 3:44
09 The First Picture Of You 3:41
10 Alone Of All Her Sex 2:52
11 When You Look At Boys 4:06
12 Start Of The Search 3:27

Bonus Tracks

13 You Don't Need Somebody New 3:17
14 Two Virgins Tender 4:05
15 My Happy Dream 2:46
16 The Evidence 3:06
17 Endless 4:32
18 The Lotus Eaters 3:00
19 Out On Your Own (12 Inch Version) 5:25
20 It Hurts / There Must be A Taste Of Murder In It (12 Inch Version) 5:58

After the last few Lotus Eater posts, I received a bunch of requests for the full length. More than happy to supply my readers and followers with that, but one notch better! The 2010 Expanded Remaster sounds brilliant! All recordings here are in WAV format along with all the scans from the booklet and tray art.

I've been an a bit of a hiatus from blogging. That is due to my expansion of sales on Discogs and an uptick in purchases for my ever growing CD/Record collection. Family activities have filled the gaps as well and Summer is nearly upon us! Concerts and events with friends, not to mention outdoor life, have picked up too. For those of you in the States, a warm and thoughtful Memorial Day mention to you and yours and all those who have fallen for the securities of the United States. Thanks again everyone for your continued patience with my posts and to those of you who comment regularly! Enjoy!