Friday, April 14, 2017

Bad Boy - Best Of Bad Boy (CD / 1998)

01 Run From Yourself 3:46
02 Here I Am 4:08
03 Private Party 4:04
04 Something Ain't Right 3:55
05 Cheat On Me 3;20
06 Thunder & Lightning 5:26
07 Afraid Of Your Love 3:42
08 She Can (Drive You Crazy) 3;12
09 Girl On The Run 3:40
10 Midnight Love 3:38
11 Stay With Me Tonight 2:38
12 Mama Mama 3:36
13 Gotcha! 3:47
14 Sex Thang 5:06

Rock Candy records recently released the first two recordings of Milwaukee's very own 'Bad Boy' on CD for the first time. In coordination with those releases from 2016, I have decided to add their one and only compilation release from 1998. Bad Boy are well know for their hard rocking, pub-like attitude and AOR flair. Big local hits such as 'Private Party', 'Cheat On Me', 'Thunder And Lightning' and my personal favorite 'Stay With Me Tonight' really call for further exposure. Everything is recorded in flac with HD scans. 

I used to be a Milwaukee native and had seen this band many times back in their heyday, not to mention their regrouping for a comeback tour opening for The Outfield many years ago (Mid 2000). This ties into my attempt at trying to bring in some of the Milwaukee flavor that is well known locally. It's time to spread it globally via S.S.T.M. Enjoy! Happy Friday...Happy Easter!


  1. -= Faith Healer =-April 18, 2017 at 11:20 AM

    Rock Candy is pushing out Remasters like crazy, but I have to say: They are doing a great job selecting and packaging the perfect classics!

    Thank you for this great share!

    1. I'm all over the Rock Candy releases, well, at least downloading them for the great 0dayRock site. I was heavy metal/hard rock quite a while before I got into electronic & industrial!

    2. -= Faith Healer =-April 22, 2017 at 6:36 AM

      I love Rock Candy, but for me it's the opposite. I was such a die-hard hardcore and death/thrash metal fan, that I mostly ignored even normal metal bands (except Maiden and such of course), so I am mostly discovering these albums anew. On the other hand, my fondness for everything hard and fast allows me to not be annoyed by bands like Bon Jovi and G'n'R now, since I didn't listen to them back then ... lol

      Rock Candy should be in charge of re-releasing ALL albums of all genres.

  2. -= Faith Healer =-April 18, 2017 at 11:22 AM

    Talking about repackaging great classics: Infacted just packaged all the Voyou releases into one compilation ... it's about time ... hopefully, they work on some of the other Seven/Eleven aka Westside releases.


    Voyou - Houseman / Germany Calling (2017)
    Category: Electronic → Industrial, EBM, Electro | Date: 12.04.2017 00:52
    ARTIST.... Voyou
    TITLE....... Houseman / Germany Calling (Limited Edition)
    STYLE...... EBM, Electro, Industrial, New Beat
    LABEL...... Infacted Recordings | Infacted – FACT 3298
    QUALITY..... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
    COUNTRY... Germany

    Voyou - Houseman / Germany Calling (2017)
    "Ha ha ha ha ha Houseman" legendary vocals shouts to be heard at the end of the 80s throughout the clubs worldwide. "The sound of Frankfurt" with labels such as Westside, Technodrome International, ZYX or Clockwork was born and on the rise. A whole movement of electronic music was born.

    With their project "Voyou" Andy Duex & Udo Niebergall conquered the dance and mainstream charts around the globe. Part 40 (!) of the Infacted Recordings classics series presents 13 massive clubbiness by the well known producer team.Besides the classic tune "Houseman", digital remastered by Guido Fricke (Audion-X) the release also features the second single "Radio Bostich", the club hit "The Ten Commandments" as well as the 90s version of "Houseman". Once more the physical release is limited and will not be repressed! As a special bonus the CD also features two brand new remixes by DJ Dominatrix!

    1. Houseman (5:50)
    2. Houseman (Germany Calling) (5:58)
    3. Houseman (Dominatrix Remix) (7:24)
    4. Houseman (Razormaid Remix) (6:54)
    5. Houseman (Short) (3:34)
    6. Radio Bostich (Remix) (5:54)
    7. Radio Bostich (Tune In Mix) (5:15)
    8. Radio Bostich (Dance Hall Mix) (4:58)
    9. The Ten Commandments (Chapter 1) (5:24)
    10. The Ten Commandments (Chapter 2) (7:27)
    11. Houseman 90 (Just In Time Mix) (5:37)
    12. Houseman 90 (87 Memorial Mix) (5:32)
    13. Houseman (Bonus Track) (1:54)
    pass: estragon

    1. Thanks! I'm still aiming to purchase this for my collection. I just recently got the 'Klangwerk' release for about $24. Now to get the 'Tribantura' and quite a few! ;)

    2. Thanks also for the FOS. I already grabbed that in flac. I'll troll through the other Belgian classics too. I appreciate the links! :)

    3. -= Faith Healer =-April 22, 2017 at 6:37 AM

      It's funny how we never get tired of these old classics ... 80s music was great!