Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Damned - Anything (US 12 Inch / 1986)

01 Anything (Another Mix) 4:39
02 The Year Of The Jackal 5:54
03 Thanks For The Night 5:38

Completely missed posting this by a few days, as The Damned came swirling through Chicago (90 minute road trip from me) for a show at the House Of Blues on 4/24. Missed the show too, but was enlightened with some pics and videos a few FB friends posted of the event. Damned again. Either way, I figured it was due time to give this release the focus it needs! HD scans and full 16bit FLAC recording from my recent and inexpensive purchase on discogs. I had the twelve inch at one point, but the record was lost in one of those ever-opening holes of my 25+ years of record collecting. Ugh. Moving right along....Thanks again! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

X-Mal Deutschland - Sickle Moon (Import 12 Inch / 1987)

01 Sickle Moon 6:42
02 Illusion (Version) 4:08
03 In Onyx 3:01

In following yesterday's post, this post here was also a recent sell on Discogs. All HD art scans (my work and photoshopping) and FLAC recordings are taken directly from my 'previously' owned copy. Here's a link to all that is X-Mal. Thank you again. Enjoy!

The Lotus Eaters - You Don't Need Someone New (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01 You Don't Need Someone New 5:07
02 Two Virgins Tender 4:01
03 You Don't Need Someone New (Charleston Mix) 6:07

A random post in the midst of collecting (more) local music for the blog. One of the lesser known Lotus Eater twelve inch releases from 1983 that lead to the largely successful follow up 'The First Picture Of You'. Quite honestly, it has been in my collection for years and this is the first I've listened to it in about the same time. All recorded in FLAC format with HD scans. I recently sold this on discogs, hence the post here. Thank you. Enjoy!  

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bad Boy - Best Of Bad Boy (CD / 1998)

01 Run From Yourself 3:46
02 Here I Am 4:08
03 Private Party 4:04
04 Something Ain't Right 3:55
05 Cheat On Me 3;20
06 Thunder & Lightning 5:26
07 Afraid Of Your Love 3:42
08 She Can (Drive You Crazy) 3;12
09 Girl On The Run 3:40
10 Midnight Love 3:38
11 Stay With Me Tonight 2:38
12 Mama Mama 3:36
13 Gotcha! 3:47
14 Sex Thang 5:06

Rock Candy records recently released the first two recordings of Milwaukee's very own 'Bad Boy' on CD for the first time. In coordination with those releases from 2016, I have decided to add their one and only compilation release from 1998. Bad Boy are well know for their hard rocking, pub-like attitude and AOR flair. Big local hits such as 'Private Party', 'Cheat On Me', 'Thunder And Lightning' and my personal favorite 'Stay With Me Tonight' really call for further exposure. Everything is recorded in flac with HD scans. 

I used to be a Milwaukee native and had seen this band many times back in their heyday, not to mention their regrouping for a comeback tour opening for The Outfield many years ago (Mid 2000). This ties into my attempt at trying to bring in some of the Milwaukee flavor that is well known locally. It's time to spread it globally via S.S.T.M. Enjoy! Happy Friday...Happy Easter!