Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wire Train - Ten Women (Import CD / 1987)

01 She Comes On 3:29
02 Take Me Back 3:34
03 Diving 4:16
04 She's A Very Pretty Thing 2:47
05 Breakwater Days 5:08
06 She's Got You 3:05
07 Mercy Mercy 4:35
08 Certainly No One 3;34
09 The Hollow Song 3:31
10 Too Long Alone 4:19

This third release from Wire Train follows suit with their last two releases. It also marks the beginning of what I believe to be, the last good output by the group. The track 'She's A Very Pretty Thing' made some in rows at local college radio stations and some 'alternative' charts, but it wasn't clearing any hurdles following that. I still enjoy tracking through this release and it is still out there on the market, albeit, harder to find and a bit more pricey as a digital version. I've scanned most of the art here, passing on all the 'inner' lyrics and have included a full flac lossless recording for your pleasure. Again, thanks for your patience and continued support via comments and links. I have some fun material upcoming. Stay tuned! Enjoy!


  1. Many thanks for the artwork sir!, i missing this ♪ ♥

  2. I've always liked this album. While I think that "In A Chamber" is their best overall record, and each album after that seemed to dip in quality a little, their work was still head and shoulders above a lot of what was out there at the time.

    "She Comes On" would be my favorite track on this one. That grabbed me from the first time I heard it.

    1. Exactly. I fully agree with your comment in all aspects! Thanks again!