Friday, March 31, 2017

Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01 Walk Out To Winter (Extended Version) 7:48
02 Set The Killing Free 3:46

I've been holding out posting this for some time. I recently had seen it on another blog. Not sure who put it up or where it was posted, but I wanted to get my work out either way. The photos were taken a year ago before I had my HD scanner and unfortunately now the 12 inch has been sold. The recordings are in fine lossless flac format (16 bit). They sound brilliant if I do say so myself. 

Given that it is technically Spring (for most), there are still plenty of us seeing the last gasp of Winter's storms make their way. Hence the track...and more. Thanks as always! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wire Train - Ten Women (Import CD / 1987)

01 She Comes On 3:29
02 Take Me Back 3:34
03 Diving 4:16
04 She's A Very Pretty Thing 2:47
05 Breakwater Days 5:08
06 She's Got You 3:05
07 Mercy Mercy 4:35
08 Certainly No One 3;34
09 The Hollow Song 3:31
10 Too Long Alone 4:19

This third release from Wire Train follows suit with their last two releases. It also marks the beginning of what I believe to be, the last good output by the group. The track 'She's A Very Pretty Thing' made some in rows at local college radio stations and some 'alternative' charts, but it wasn't clearing any hurdles following that. I still enjoy tracking through this release and it is still out there on the market, albeit, harder to find and a bit more pricey as a digital version. I've scanned most of the art here, passing on all the 'inner' lyrics and have included a full flac lossless recording for your pleasure. Again, thanks for your patience and continued support via comments and links. I have some fun material upcoming. Stay tuned! Enjoy!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Clock DVA - Breakdown (US 12 Inch / 1983)

01 Breakdown (Extended Version) 5:44
02 Breakdown 4:24
03 Beautiful Losers 4:27
04 Black Angels Death Song 3:29

I recently bought a hoard of Clock DVA. This 12 Inch was included, albeit a bit beat up, but worthy nonetheless. The recordings proved to be beyond repair, well repairable so to speak. I wasn't going to spend all the time to do that. All the tracks have been taken from the 1989 'Advantage' CD. It's a flac recording. All the art contained herein is from my original 12 inch. Even that needed some photoshop work. Happy Friday all. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Xymox - Imagination (US 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Imagination (Dance Mix) 6:32
02 Imagination (Dub) 6:13
03 Imagination (Edit) 3:38
04 Obsession (Club Mix) 6:34

Another record that follows suite with the my last post...'Sold'. I've had this and most of the Clan Of Xymox / Xymox vinyl releases from the beginning. This is one of the first that I've converted to digital. In the past, I had pulled downloads from other blogs to compensate, but was having a hard time finding a good rip of this. Then again most of the downloads were from the hard to find CDS and those were at 320, which is fine, but that release didn't have the same content as what the U.S. vinyl had. So, here we are. A massive 24/96 flac recording and all the HD scans direct from my personal copy. Thank you. Enjoy!

Sisters Of Mercy - Alice (Dirty Funker Mixes) (Import Promo 12 Inch / 2003)

01 Alice (Dirty Funker Mix) 7:54
02 Alice (Doctor Dirty Funker's Avalanche Dub) 6:55

Taking some time, plenty of it, to post some vinyl for a change. The process of recording, scanning and all that goes into my record posts takes me three times longer than just dropping in a flac remaster of a CD. Most of the time what I'm recording from vinyl is actually something I sold on Discogs. This just so happens to be the case with this 2003 release. I found it for 4$ and sold it for $12. This is a 24/96 flac recording along with all HD scans. Perhaps a few of you SOM die hards have this and/or will enjoy it. Alice is a great track to begin with, so dropping in a 4/4 beat and some effects over the top of it be the judge. Thanks! Enjoy!