Monday, January 30, 2017

Cetu Javu - 12 Inch Singles Collection (Import DJ Promo CD-r / 2006)

01 Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix) 5:34
02 Situations (Extended Mix) 6:23
03 A Donde (Extended Mix) 5:59
04 Por Que (Extended Spanish Mix) 5:55
05 Una Mujer (Extended Mix) 6:38
06 Southern Lands (Extended Mix) 5:32
07 China Girl (GTO Mix) 3:42
08 Por Que (Edit Remix) 4:16
09 A Donde (Remix) 6:56
10 Have In Mind (Extended Vocal Mix) 4:07
11 Situations (Baunder Remix) 8:20

My friend recently requested a flac version of this somewhat rare (until this very moment), CD-r. You can buy my original here.  I purchased this via A Different Drum ten plus years ago. Plenty of mixes (not all) from the Cetu Javu back catalogue. Here are all the scans and a lossless flac recording for your enjoyment!


  1. Wow...just WOW! Thanks for this! Didn't know this existed!!

    1. Thanks Cory. Technically, it is an 'unofficial' release, but it is the only compilation out there thus far.

  2. -= Martin L. Gore =-February 1, 2017 at 8:34 AM


    I'm gonna keep this one in FLAC! Thank you so much. I have been looking for this (and the Petshop Boys comp by the same label) for a long time!!!

    Stellar rip and scans, as always!!!

    Much obliged!

    1. Right on! Your welcome. I know I don't have the PSB comp, but at least you have this one. Thanks again!

    2. Thanks for the links too! Going to keep those for myself at the moment.

  3. Here are Volumes 1 through 5 in FLAC. I will send you volumes 6-8 in FLAC too, as I noticed you are starting to prefer that.

    by the way, this site is pretty good for new synthpop and EBM:

    not as good as the old site in regards to classic goth/EBM material but they post some pretty good Discographies for older bands like Parallox

    1. Thanks! I wanted to post this just so I can give you proper thanks for all the links you have sent. I normally don't post all of them, as you know, but wanted to give you some kudos. I have book marked that Trance page too! :) :)

  4. lol ... no kudos needed. I do it to pay you back for all the classics you post.

    Did I send you volumes 6-8 in FLAC?

    1. Thanks! No on 6-8. Feel free, when you have the time, to send me 6-8 if possible.