Sunday, January 8, 2017

54-40 - Show Me (Canadian CD / 1987)

Adding to the 54-40 files for a few of you who were interested in hearing their earlier work from the late eighties. Recordings are in flac and scans have been included. 'One Day In Your Life' and 'One Gun' had light to moderate airplay on the local college stations here in the U.S.. It seems as if their crossover into the larger AOR-Rock market was waning, at least here in the States. The band had a much larger following in the Canadian provinces. Their future work would prove them as mainstays with their loyal fan base up into the mid to late 90's. They have a steady cult like following there to this day. 


  1. -= Faith Healer =-January 8, 2017 at 8:48 AM

    Amazing how some of these Canadian bands go unnoticed in the States despite being so close (proximally). Even one hit wonders like Corey Hart had a long lasting career there. But then again, bands like A-Ha are considered one hit wonders in the US, while they dominated the charts hit after hit in Europe for many years.

    Here is one of my absolute favorite Synthpop/NewRomantic albums of the 80s: KIDS IN THE KITCHEN. Listen to this album a few times. I think if they came out in Europe at that time, they would have been massive:

    1. Very true! In today's world, finding a new band and enjoying their output is like clicking your mouse. Back then, PR, advertising, distribution and charts made you the 'it' item. The U.S. paid so little attention to what made up the charts elsewhere other than the! Different times for certain. Thanks again! Any chance you might have a 320 or higher of anything by this group? Also looking for a fantastic rip of this -

  2. -= Faith Healer =-January 10, 2017 at 8:28 AM

    still looking ... I think it's time to get organized ... it seems I can never find what I am looking for, even though I know I have it.

    I found the 7" single version of Abandon Ship without the instrumental in 192k:

    Here is the TEN YEARS of MARINA RECORDS sampler with the April Showers song in 320k:

    THE EDGE!AoEL_1PK3DcLgkNybDiKR4d2oW1U!AoEL_1PK3DcLgkQIIcqWS2YEqmU1

    1. All right! Thanks for sharing this FH!

  3. -= Faith Healer =-January 10, 2017 at 9:47 AM

    Friends Again – Trapped And Unwrapped

    This is the 1989 Fontana re-release CD first edition with four bonus tracks.

    cover scans included

    1. Lucky Star
    2. Sunkissed
    3. Lullaby No 2
    4. Vaguely Yours
    5. Skip The Gold Rush
    6. Tomboy
    7. State Of Art
    8. Swallows In The Rain
    9. South Of Love
    10. Old Flame
    11. Honey At The Core
    12. Moon 3
    13. Bird of Paradise
    14. Wand You Wave
    15. Why Don't You Ask Someone
    16. Dealing In Silver

    14-track version with two different bonus tracks in 224

    I have the original 1984 vinyl version in 320 somewhere. I'll find it.

    1. Excellent! Thanks for digging. I have a variety of their material in mt 'discogs' want list. At some point I'll begin the expensive purchases to make a lossless too. Thanks again!