Monday, January 30, 2017

Cetu Javu - 12 Inch Singles Collection (Import DJ Promo CD-r / 2006)

01 Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix) 5:34
02 Situations (Extended Mix) 6:23
03 A Donde (Extended Mix) 5:59
04 Por Que (Extended Spanish Mix) 5:55
05 Una Mujer (Extended Mix) 6:38
06 Southern Lands (Extended Mix) 5:32
07 China Girl (GTO Mix) 3:42
08 Por Que (Edit Remix) 4:16
09 A Donde (Remix) 6:56
10 Have In Mind (Extended Vocal Mix) 4:07
11 Situations (Baunder Remix) 8:20

My friend recently requested a flac version of this somewhat rare (until this very moment), CD-r. You can buy my original here.  I purchased this via A Different Drum ten plus years ago. Plenty of mixes (not all) from the Cetu Javu back catalogue. Here are all the scans and a lossless flac recording for your enjoyment!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Frozen Ghost - Frozen Ghost (Canadian Import CD / 1987)

The Summer of 1987 was filled with many wonderful tracks by new artists that were far off the Billboard Top 40 and Rock Radio / AOR charts. I recall a newer local radio station in Milwaukee (WLZR 102.9) coming on the air in the Winter of 1987. They began to rotate pop rock tracks from Frozen Ghost, The Other Ones, Rock and Hyde, The Psychedelic Furs, Billy Squier, Mason Rufner, The Robert Cray Band, Lou Gramm and others. It was quite a smorgasbord of new music for such a small market, but they were testing the airwaves and listeners.

I was hooked and with that went out and purchased this s/t debut on cassette. I'd purchase the CD later when it became more widely available. You have to remember that compact discs were just beginning to flood the market. They were not cheap and neither were the CD players. This CD has never been reissued which makes it a bit rare to find these days. Average price can be anywhere from $15 to $30+ on Bay / Amazon / Discogs.

I recently picked this up again after years of not having it. I have recorded it in flac and included all the scans. Here's a link for more info on the band and their discography. Thanks and enjoy!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

54-40 - Fight For Love (CD / 1989)

The third output from 54-40 to finish off of their eighties releases. Recordings are in flac format along with scans. This release found the group at a loss with the U.S., although the tracks 'Miss You' (not a Stones cover), 'Over My Head' and my personal favorite 'Baby Have Some Faith' still managed to find college radio play. I lost track of the band following the release of the 'Best Of' comp in 1991, but I'm not going to go back over why again. I find myself going back to these three eighties LP's constantly. Thanks again! Enjoy! 

54-40 - Show Me (Canadian CD / 1987)

Adding to the 54-40 files for a few of you who were interested in hearing their earlier work from the late eighties. Recordings are in flac and scans have been included. 'One Day In Your Life' and 'One Gun' had light to moderate airplay on the local college stations here in the U.S.. It seems as if their crossover into the larger AOR-Rock market was waning, at least here in the States. The band had a much larger following in the Canadian provinces. Their future work would prove them as mainstays with their loyal fan base up into the mid to late 90's. They have a steady cult like following there to this day.