Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pig - Sick City / Shit For Brains (US 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Sick City 4:57
02 Shit For Brains (Greazey Mix) 6:16

I haven't listened to this track (SFB) since 1988 when I owned the 'Poke In The Eye...' LP. It certainly falls into the dirge of darker Wax Trax! releases. Perhaps this is why it didn't find the proper rotation on my player or in the Chicago clubs I used to go to at that time. So why now you ask? Right, I purchased a 'lot' of records from an online buyer with this being one of the reasons for the take. Cheap old Wax Trax! in good condition is hard 'not' to buy, especially when I don't have it in my over flowing collection. I subject you to it and now it is done...the conversion from physical to immortal digital. All art & FLAC recordings are taken from the original twelve inch. Dig in my friends. Thanks. Enjoy! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Pete Shelley - Heaven & The Sea (CD / 1986)

01 Waiting For Love 3:47
02 On Your Own 3:46
03 They're Coming For You 4:14
04 I Surrender 4:09
05 Life Without Reason 4:35
06 Need A Minit 2:54

07 Never Again 3:42
08 My Dreams 4:30
09 Blue Eyes 4:26
10 You Can't Take That Away 4:26
11 No Moon...5:12

Sitting here at three in the early Monday morning slogging through rows of twelve inches in random stacks. It is my time, deciding this direction, that direction. More of this, less of that. That thought is always in my head when I post here. To be honest, it's a bit complex within regards to other blogs I follow.You do your research and try not to be outdone or outshine someone else, but in the long run, it is your page and you are on your own. On that note, I have decided to whip up Pete Shelley's third solo effort. I haven't seen it posted in a bit, so we'll have at it. I think that most of the twelve inches released by Pete have been well covered around the blogosphere, so I will just keep those in their respective alphabetically filed locales. This is the original 1986 CD release recorded in FLAC with all the art. Thanks as always. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Shamen - Omega Amigo (UK 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Omega Amigo 4:46
02 Omega A 4:45
03 Omega Pre-Mix 4:48
04 PH1 3:47

This brilliant Shamen twelve inch had been in the pipeline since I bought it 3 months ago. Finally completed! 24/96 FLAC recording and HD scans for you this time around. This was released in '89. I really had never heard it until their full length was released here in the States back in 1991. I purchased the US version and then bought the UK import CD version right there after. On a side note, I recently bought a pristine copy of the UK gatefold LP version for my collection. Yes, I quite enjoy their work from this time period...lol! Enough already...Thanks. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tools Of Romance - Tools Of Romance (EP / 1985)

01 I Won't Wait 4:37
02 Tower Of Fear 4:24
03 Red To Blue 4:22
04 Cool Heart 5:12

Time for a re-up, re-recorded, re-scanned request! I thought I sold this years ago, but found it in a bin of goodies I used to sell on Amazon ages ago. All the better for you and me, as I didn't save my original recording. This has been re-recorded in FLAC, HD scanned and photo shopped for this blustery mid-west Saturday. I think you will find it to your liking. It is a vast improvement from my original post of it 6 years ago. I'm using a new fileshare site, one that will allow me larger file uploads.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The The - Gravitate To Me (UK CDS / 1989)

Just received this in the mail today along with a few other semi precious CD's that I will feature later. This is also a cop out as I finish up a few vinyl requests of recent. On deck...Tools Of Romance, Shamen and a bit more China Crisis from my solid collection. As for this disc, this was missing from my rather large The The section. It isn't anything over the top special other than the fact it is an import and it has the 'Little Version' of the title track. It's basically the same as the UK twelve inch. Only difference being, the twelve inch has 'The Violence Of Truth' and not 'I've Been Waitin'...' Everything here is in FLAC format with HD scans of the art. All right then. Thanks for your patience and support. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nitzer Ebb - Hearts And Minds (Limited Edition Mix Subsonic) (UK 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Hearts And Minds (Mix Subsonic) 6:12
02 For Fun (LP Version) 3:03
03 Time Slips By (PK Mix) 4:22

I recently had a request for this release. The Subsonic mix of the title track is the claim to fame here. This was all recorded from the actual record into high quality 24Bit FLAC. All the art was scanned from the original as well. As you can see, (maybe) I started the clean up process and lost interest in completing the project. It was taking too much time and I really wanted to post 'something' for the site. I keep you all waiting far too long. Feel free to finish it, I know I will at some other point and time.

New to the site....I'm going to try and push harder on the idea of recording everything in WAV or FLAC format. There are a few other blog sites that I visit daily and they are doing this exclusively, which is inspiring me to comply. I may also be switching my fileshare site to accomodate the file sizes as well. I'm probably going to use the free MEGA site. Expect links to be eliminated as I approach the limits of what is free. OK...enough in site chatter. On with it....Thanks! Enjoy!