Friday, October 21, 2016

Simple Minds - Promised You A Miracle (UK 12 Inch / US 12 Inch / US Promo 12 Inch / Bonus Versions / 1982)

UK 12 Inch

01 Promised You A Miracle (Extended) 4:49
02 Theme For Great Cities 5:51
03 Seeing Out The Angel (Instrumental Remix) 6:35

US 12 Inch

01 Promised You A Miracle (Remix) 6:04
02 Promised You A Miracle (Dub Version) 5:26
03 The American (Extended Mix) 7:03

US 12 Promo 12 Inch

01 Promised You A Miracle 4:27
02 Promised You A Miracle (Special Extended Version) 6:20

Bonus Tracks

01 Promised You A Miracle (Edit) 4:02
02 Promised You A Miracle (Long Remix for LP) 4:55
03 Promised You A Miracle (John Peel Session) 4:40
04 Promised You A Miracle (David Jensen Session) 4:23
05 Promised You A Miracle (2016 Acoustic Version) 4:35

Promised you a mass of Simple Minds this Friday, actually I didn't. I've been working on putting this one together for a while now. All the versions and bonus tracks too. All the art is from my releases. All the tracks are from the remastered 2012 (5) CD Box Set and the 2016 'New Gold Dream' Box Set. I just gathered them all here. I was frustrated seeing the 12 inch posted all over the blog world in differently recorded fashions. Here you can have the lot of it in it's remastered form along with quality art, all in one fail swoop. On a side note, the acoustic version has not been released yet. It was a direct recording from the youtube video, albeit amplified and edited for a proper track. I hope you don't get tired of just 'one' song and all the! I still enjoy it and hope you do as well. Happy Friday all! 

Simple Minds: Mass Of Promises 


  1. Great stuff, thanks a bunch!

    1. You're welcome. I hope it's not! Thanks for the comment.

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