Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finitribe - 101 (UK 12 Inch / 1991)

01 101 (Sonic Shuffle Edit) 3:16
02 101 (Backflip) 3:57
03 101 (Sonic Shuffle) 7:10
04 101 (Intensity Mix) 3:32

In the early nineties, Finitribe stepped away from the Wax Trax! minded idea of 12 inch releases and went head on into the world of rave/techno/trance culture. What an incredible release this was! I used to play this every night I went out in '91...that was a lot. I also included it on a few of my good friends mix tapes. My go to (and nearly wore it out) was Andy Weatherall's 'Sonic Shuffle Mix'. All recordings and art are from my release. Feel free to explore the Discogs  page for further info. 'Bass....can you hear me? Loud And Clear'. Enjoy friends!

Finitribe: 101


  1. Same here - I used to play this down the Pleasuredome back in 1991 - very good single...
    This is when FInitribe moved on a gear from the 80s 'Funky Alternatives' and started producing 90s club music...

    1. It never really got a lot of club airplay up here in the midwest, but then again, people weren't clubbing as much as going to raves...every weekend! Thanks for commenting.

  2. a brilliant release, esp the Weatherall ones

    1. Fully agree! Thanks again for the visit & comment.