Friday, September 30, 2016

Dead Or Alive - Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (Japanese Import CD Mini / 1988)

...and I'm back. I needed a bit of a break to take care of some personal and family business. Now it's a Friday, two weeks later. Let's D.O.A. shall we? This is actually in honor of a good friend (Craig Fohr) who passed away a week ago. It's from his personal collection and is extremely rare, so rare that I had to create a new Discogs listing for it! Everything has been scanned and the recording is Apple lossless. Thanks for your continued patience my blog friends! Three cheers to 'Barnabas'...I will miss you!  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Axodry - You (I'll See You In My Dreams) (German Import 12 Inch / 1988)

01 You (Beauty & The Beast Mix) 7:52
02 You (Beauty Dub Mix) 5:45
03 Suspense (New Age Gore Mix) 5:16

Axodry's classic 'You' with the remixes and b-side. Here's the Discogs link for further information. It's not going cheap! All the art and recordings are from the original twelve inch. Thanks as always to KY & Jules for the vast crates to dig through. Too many great ones to little time! Sunday Funday! Enoy!

Axodry: You

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Depth Charge - Bounty Killers (Import 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Bounty Killers 7:20
02 Bounty Killers (Death Is Ma Name...) 8:56

Samples galore and cowboy twang ride in on this breakbeat ode to the great Clint Eastwood and his spaghetti western classic from 1973 'High Plains Drifter'. J. Saul Kane is the mastermind of this release. All art and recordings are from this import twelve inch. The full working title of track two is far longer than I care to type out, but it is all included in the mix. Enjoy Pardner!

Bounty: Killers

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Scrot - Teufelsrhythmus (Import 12 Inch / 1990)

01 Teufelsrhythmus (Techno Mix) 5:55
02 Teufelsrhythmus 5:58
03 Teufelsrhythmus (Techno 7 Inch Mix) 3:58

Random ZYX Records post for the day. Over the course of thirty years and some 3,000+ releases, ZYX has covered a multitude of artists and music styles. My favorite time frame was the late eighties and early nineties releases. The mid nineties was a falling out period, well, at least for me. The collaboration that formed Scrot had a total of three releases. This was their second release. I never heard this played at the local clubs I used to go to, but it was a big success in Germany and other European cities. I was introduced to this on a local college radio station (way back then)! Thank you to Tom Crawford and his Monday night 5-7:30 show on the mighty 91.7 WMSE. Thanks to KY for the record choices! :) All art and recordings are directly from this original release. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Robotiko Rejekto - Umsturz Jetzt! (Import CD / 2011)

Here is the import CD I was speaking of previously. Yes, I bought (2) and received (1). C'est La Vie! Infacted Records has done a superb job on these classic remastered reissues. I plan on getting them all! There are 32 releases and all of them are Techno Kult Klassiks. The track listing and times are listed and I've included all the art as well. Enjoy my EBM German Techno fans!

Robotiko Rejekto: Umsturz Jetzt!