Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Betty Boo - Thing Goin' On (US CDS / 1992)

01 Thing Goin On (MK Radio Remix) 3:54
02 Thing Goin' On (12 Inch Mix) 6:43
03 Thing Goin' On (MK Underground Mix) 6:22
04 I'm On My Way (BooChoons) 4:52
05 Thing Goin' On (MK Club Mix) 6:28
06 Thing Goin' On (MK Underground Dub) 6:44
07 I'm On My Way (Tumpin' Dub) 6:57
08 I'm On My Way (Batman & Robin Remix) 5:47

A quick request tonight. It's been a few years since I've posted some Betty Boo, let alone any fun and poppy 90's dance. Back in the day I had the promo double 12 inch of this too. I think I still have it. I didn't really give the record a chance in my rotataion back then. To be honest it's been such a long time, I had to go back and see if I actually had this CD single. No matter, all fine! Thanks for the comment and requests! Enjoy! 

Betty Boo: Thing Goin' On


  1. Many thanks - I have never heard this particular single. One request: do you have Ledernacken and Celebrate The Nun to share? Cheers, I really love you blog and musical selection

    1. Thanks Rommel! I'm a bit lackin' on the Ledernacken...sorry, had to. I'll see what I can drum up. As for CTN, yes, I do have them. Stay tuned.

    2. -= Faith Healer =-June 10, 2016 at 4:09 AM

      I wish the boys from Scooter would "reunite" and put out one more CTN album. They were so good!

      Let me know if you're missing one, RAF and I will assist!

    3. Thanks F.H. I'm going through some of my files and will let you know.

  2. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS! Beyond appreciated!!!! :)

    1. You are welcome Mike! Thanks for the comment.