Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Severed Heads - Greater Reward (Canadian 12 Inch / 1988)

01 Greater Reward (Extended Mix) 9:53
02 Greater Reward (Radio Mix) 3:53
03 Greater Reward (Dub Mix) 7:12
04 Nation 4:30

Well, I finally got around to recording this superb 12 inch from Severed Heads. I had pulled it from my collection six months ago with all good intentions to make a post of it. Here we are. If you are any bit of a Severed Heads / Tom Ellard fan like me, I implore you to go to his Bandcamp page and purchase all that he has put up! Most of the releases have been remastered by him and how can you beat the price...$5US for each! This particular 12 inch hasn't been put up on the page, but a few mixes have been included into some of the album releases, but you won't find the lot of it. All recordings are from my vinyl as well as all the art. I nearly forgot how much I loved this release! Enjoy! 

Severed Heads: Greater Reward

Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Of Love - Witchcraft (US 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Witchcraft (Extended Mix) 5:17
02 Witchcraft (7 Inch Mix) 3:05
03 Enchantra 2:44
04 Witchcraft (Enchantra Chanting) 6:24
05 Witchcraft (Dub) 5:23
06 Witch's Honor 0.5.5


07 Witchcraft (Album Version) 3:41

This was a request coming from the last Book Of Love I posted. It also seems that B.O.L. is rather popular at the moment due to their quick U.S. Summer tour. Again, like the last B.O.L., these recording were put together by my internet friend Petee (thank you again)! I did take the bonus track from the 2009 CD Remaster of  'Lullaby'. All the art was scanned from my original 12 inch. I guess that is one of the other reasons why I'm posting it. I love this scanner/printer and all the new options it affords me to finally get some great art. Happy Monday. Enjoy! 

Book Of Love: Witchcraft

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celebrate The Nun - She's A Secretary (CD Maxi-Single / 1990)

01 She's A Secretary (Gothic Mix) 5:29
02 She's A Secretary (Gothic Dub) 3:39
03 She's A Secretary (Nonne Mix) 4:10
04 She's A Secretary (Monja Mix) 5:35
05 She's A Secretary (Spastic Dub) 6:04
06 Strange 5:10
07 Will You Be There (12 Inch Mix) 5:29

I realize that a link was given for this in the comments of my last C.T. N. post, but I wanted to make an official post in case you missed it or didn't go through the comment section. Thanks again to Faith Healer for previously providing the multitude of links! This CDS was put up on the now defunct NewRomanticRules site back in 2011. This actually is my rip and images that I had scanned years ago. The actual recordings were not adjusted, just straight from the disc. Here's the Discogs link for further information. Enjoy! 

She's A: Secretary

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Celebrate The Nun - Meanwhile (CD / 1989)

Dropping a quick request into the mix as well. Here is the first of only two full length releases from the band. It is still a classic and a well sought after release. I'll be working on getting some of the singles I have into the blog as well. I want to encourage my blog follower and part time contributor 'Faith Healer' to jump in if he wishes. Anyways, here is the Discogs link for the bands output. Enjoy and thanks for the request!

Celebrate The Nun: Meanwhile

Book Of Love - Lullaby (US 12 Inch / 1988)

01 Lullaby (Pleasant Dream Mix) 6:59
02 Lullaby (Dream Dub) 7:01
03 Lullaby (7 Inch Remix) 4:23
04 Lullaby (Insomnia Mix) 6:48
05 Lullaby (Dub Somnia) 5:43
06 Oranges And Lemons 3:35


07 Lullaby (7 Inch Version) 4:06
08 Lullaby (Album Version) 6:35

Book Of Love today and it seems the world needs more of it. Lullaby hasn't been dropped into the blogosphere for a while, so I'm giving you the opportunity to get it now. This is my first post using my recently acquired (and on the cheap...$13 from my local Goodwill) Brother MFC-J6510DW Scanner/Printer. It is brilliant and a massive improvement from my previous 'photo' images. It took me a bit to figure out some photoshop stitching, but that's another story. As for the music itself, I need to thank my good internet friend Petee for originally gathering and recording these tracks! His quality is spot on and I have used his recordings in previous posts as well. So, thank you again. I've included the 7 inch version and the album version as a bonus. The album version and 'Oranges And Lemons' were taken from the 2009 Remaster of the album of the same name 'Lullaby'. Enjoy my friends! 

Book Of Love: Lullaby 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Betty Boo - Thing Goin' On (US CDS / 1992)

01 Thing Goin On (MK Radio Remix) 3:54
02 Thing Goin' On (12 Inch Mix) 6:43
03 Thing Goin' On (MK Underground Mix) 6:22
04 I'm On My Way (BooChoons) 4:52
05 Thing Goin' On (MK Club Mix) 6:28
06 Thing Goin' On (MK Underground Dub) 6:44
07 I'm On My Way (Tumpin' Dub) 6:57
08 I'm On My Way (Batman & Robin Remix) 5:47

A quick request tonight. It's been a few years since I've posted some Betty Boo, let alone any fun and poppy 90's dance. Back in the day I had the promo double 12 inch of this too. I think I still have it. I didn't really give the record a chance in my rotataion back then. To be honest it's been such a long time, I had to go back and see if I actually had this CD single. No matter, all fine! Thanks for the comment and requests! Enjoy! 

Betty Boo: Thing Goin' On

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Huang Chung - China / Ti Na Na (US Promo 12 Inch / 1982)

01 China (Special Extended Remix Version) 6:53
02  Ti Na Na (Special Extended Version) 4:32

Quick post here on this Sunday evening. This was one of the 12 inches that I picked up in a lot of Discogs record purchases. Of course we all know that Huang Chung changed their name to Wang Chung following this release and the self titled LP from 1982. David Geffen (Geffen Records) suggested the name change. The rest is history. This twelve inch record has the wrong time stamp on the record itself. OK....more to come from my recent purchases. Thanks for keeping up with me, or waiting for me to post! Enjoy!

Huang Chung: China