Friday, May 13, 2016

Signal Aout 42 - Contrast (Import CD / 1990)

Adding to the SA42 files. This was the bands second full CD release from 1990. At this point, Signal Aout 42 was already well established and quite revered in the electronic industrial / EBM world. 'To Talk Nonsense' and 'Dead Is Calling' became full on 12 inch releases and have been included on a multitude of well noted compilations from that time frame. As like the previous SA42 post, this is another hard to find and rather expensive release. I wish I still had mine! The recordings for this post are from my original release that I sold a while back. The art was a little beat up, so I did some repair work and decided to include the Discogs photos of the CD and front art. Happy Friday all! Enjoy!

Signal Aout 42: Contrast