Thursday, May 26, 2016

China Crisis - Black Man Ray (UK 12 Inch / 1985)

01 Black Man Ray 3:38
02 Animalistic (A Day At The Zoo Mix) 11:04


03 Animalistic (Edit) 4:38

I recently picked up this 12 inch along with a series of other various twelve inches from a Discogs seller. Buying in bulk is quite nice and rather inexpensive for the shipping (U.S.) if you look for the less pricey records. I already had the recordings, just wanted the art. Here is my photo work retouched as usual. The actual recordings came from the 'Ultimate Crisis' release from 2012 and from a 'Complete 12 Inch' release that I have. Here is the Discogs page for further information. Enjoy!

China Crisis: Black Man Ray


  1. Always a song that seems timeless

    1. I fully agree! Thanks for the comment. Be on the look out for the first C.C. releases to be coming out as deluxe remasters!!!