Saturday, April 2, 2016

V/A - Hardware Soundtrack (CD / 1990)

The second 'soundtrack' post to go with the previous. This Richard Stanley classic has nothing but 'cult' following all over it. I saw it back in 1990 and thoroughly enjoyed it and the soundtrack. What's not to like about the soundtrack? It has PIL, Ministry and guest appearances by Iggy Pop and Lemmy Kilmister as radio voices, not to mention a ton of samples taken from the movie. Pretty decent for a soundtrack back then!

If you are not familiar with Richard Stanley, do go to the IMDB site for further information. I would highly recommend his 'Dust Devil' movie from 1992. More cult love! Well, this concludes my soundtrack postings for the moment. I usually don't delve into this arena, but couldn't resist given my recent purchases. All art & recordings are from my CD. 'This is Angry Bob...' Enjoy!

Soundtrack: Hardware 


  1. I remember this film. I went to see it in theaters because it sounded interesting and Iggy Pop was in it. Thanks for posting!

  2. Muy buen clásico de ciberpunk recuerdo haberla visto en vhs junto a unos amigos por que salia Lemmy(rip),Iggy pop, y por supuesto Ministry. gracias por publicar no encontraba el soundtrack pon ningun lado..

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for the comment. I'm glad the link is still alive.