Friday, April 1, 2016

SPK - Breathless (12 Inch / 1987)

01 Breathless (Extended Remix) 7:39
02 Wired For Sound (RRR Mix) 4:48

I've had this 12 inch on the chopping block for some time. I did the recordings months ago, but had not started with the art, until today. It required a bit of work and now looks right and proper! I love this track by SPK. It's actually the first song I had ever heard by them. I have to thank my friend John for introducing them to me back in 1987. The CD 'Gold And Poison' was a favorite (I'd love to see it expanded and remastered). It will always take me back to those early days of discovering new and unique electronic and industrial acts! Here is the extended version for you to enjoy! All art and recordings are from my 12 inch.

SPK: Breathless 


  1. -= Faith Healer =-April 2, 2016 at 6:25 AM

    GREAT Industrial Pioneers. I'm sure, if they weren't from OZ, they would have received much more credit!

    I used to love Machine Age Voodoo and the one you mentioned, bu really all their albums were great, and each one different!

    Sadly, it seems that none of the Australian bands ever get the Expanded & Remastered treatment like American and European albums!


  2. I'll have to check my SPK files for more material. I have several others that need to be recorded as well. Speaking of Extended & Remastered, Severed Heads is added to that list as well! Thanks again!

  3. -= Faith Healer =-April 4, 2016 at 5:31 AM

    You mentioned you had an UPLOAD account. Do you also have a Rapidgator account?

    I found the full discography of Klubbheadz with all side projects (17GB) but it's on RG and won't let me dl since the files are too large:

    1. No Rapidgator account for me, just Uploaded. 17GB is massive! I know very little Klubbheadz, but it's worth the share! Thanks!

  4. SPK started out as a brutal industrial band, doing lots of really harsh grinding noise tracks, before they decided to subvert the system from the inside and become a new wavey band band. Most original SPK fans view this period as their worst. I'm not making a judgment, just letting you know.

    1. Thanks! I have listened to and have a few early releases. I don't play them often, about as much as I go to my Test Dept. and Einsturzende! Totally on board with you and your observation. Thanks again for the comment!

  5. And of course Graeme Revell has gone on to big time movie soundtracks. Read an article once that he doesnt acknowledge his SPK work these days, too bad, I think I like Zamia Lehmanni the most.

  6. Hello Sir...I once saw SPK perform a show in a pub in King's Cross...Sydney....they were very late, very disorganised, and ...well woeful...the metal grinder provided wonderful sparks from the metal bars on the stage...and thats about it. Looking forward to listening to this cd. Just found your blog.Cheers from Sydney.

    1. Thank you for your concert insight! I appreciate that and you taking the time to comment. Funny, tonight I have been going through several tracks by the Models (AUS) and the history of James Freud. Perhaps we are on the same wavelength just different hemispheres!

  7. I was a big SPK fan until they signed with WEA in 1984 and produced a totally commercial album.
    Wasn't bad though as the songs were quite catchy, but the edge had gone.
    The original mix of Metal Dance before the album came out is one of my favourites ever.
    The last CD i bought off Discogs was SPK - Paradiso.
    Its a live soundboard version of the Zamia Lehmanni album recorded in 1987, which was more like some of the earlier stuff
    If anyone wants it just say. I posted it on Redacted & Apollo (torrent sites) last week so its easy enough to upload if anyone wants it.
    Anyway thanks for all the posts bud.
    Great to see links from years ago still alive.
    Your re-uploading skills are appreciated.

    Discogs Link for that album

    £15. Discogs sellers really have increased the P&P over the last few years. Pity.

    I've included a link for Metal Dance 12" from 1983 because i love it.Hope that's ok.
    Its also available in 24bit FLAC on burning the ground


    Sorry for the giant post. :(

    1. Thanks for the comment Jamie! I appreciate the link and insight. This was the first thing I'd ever heard by SPK back then. I now know they're full back catalogue and will agree with you regarding the lot of it.

    2. I had grabbed the BTG post a while back. I still visit his blog daily!!