Saturday, August 22, 2015

V/A - Classic Alternatives (Import 6 CD Box Set / 2003)

Alright....let's do this. I realize that many of you out there who follow SSTM have placed a multitude of requests. This is my some what lazy attempt to fill a few of those requests without actually having to post the full 12 inch (which I'd prefer to do)....if I have it or not. That being said, the pictures here are from my box set, which yes, I did sell years ago....blah, blah, blah! 

I think that you'll find a lovely cache of typical and hard to find extended mixes on this box compilation. This was a reissue, see Discogs. I don't believe any of these are remastered in any form. Of course much of this has been remastered and reissued by the artists themselves, but that's another story and another bill fold of $$ later!


Here's the whole lot in 6 easy parts!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Gene Loves Jezebel - Suspicion (US 12 Inch / 1987)

01 Suspicion (Jezebel Mix) 6:18
02 Twenty Killer Hurts (Killer 12 Inch Mix) 6:32
03 Suspicion (LP Version) 3:52


04 Suspicion (Original Mix) 3:56

Today's post was a request from somebody on another blog I follow. Not sure if that person will see it or not, then again I'm not sure if Paul T will see this either. Nonetheless, it's more Gene Loves Jezebel for your 80's folders. What makes this release vital is the 'Killer 12 inch Remix' for 'Twenty Killer Hurts'. I was hoping this would have been on the G.L.J. 5 CD Reissue Box Set that was released sometime ago, but it wasn't. So, here you go. All the tracks are taken from the box set, except 'Twenty Killer Hurts', which was recorded from this record. The bonus track was actually pulled from the 'Discover' CD reissue in the box set. All art is from my original 12 inch.

Twenty Killer: Hurts 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kissing The Pink - Radio On (Import 12 Inch / 1984)

01 Radio On 5:09
02 Katherine Clarke 2:03
03 How Can I Live 3:34

I recently purchased this 12 inch and up until now, had only filed it away. It wasn't until I came across another KTP post on a blog I follow, Madchester Rave On, that it inspired me to convert it. This is quite a diverse release from Kissing The Pink (K.T.P). Released in 1984, it has 3 tracks that are all completely different in their make up and sound. The main track, 'Radio On', has a unique Art Of Noise feel while still maintaining a new wave pitch. Track two, 'Katherine Clarke', is a near bass less romp of echo vocals and sharp guitars. It has a Stranglers feel to it. The third track, 'How Can I Live', borders on an ambient tribal/world beat with female vocals repeating the title. I tried my best to work with this last track. It has sound quality issues that are only heard in the height of the vocal. Perhaps it's the pressing, perhaps it's the age of the record. Either way, it is still a fair enough recording to listen to. All art & recordings are directly from my 12 inch.

Radio: On