Wednesday, December 30, 2015

V/A - Welcome To Technology (Import CD/1991)

Another request from one of my previous posts. This CD was taken from the 1995 4 CD Box Set 'Welcome To The Techno Club'. It has a slue of the early Boy Records releases on it. Boy Records was another favorite label of mine. You can find the original information regarding this release here.
Thanks again to all of you, my followers, readers and fellow bloggers! Happy New Year! Enjoy! 

Welcome To: Technology

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

V/A - Totentanz Vol. 1 (Best Of Zoth Ommog) (2 CD / 1994)

Just filling a few requests from the comments of my previous Official Techno Club post. Everything should be self explanatory here. ALL the scans and recordings are from my own original release. Enjoy!

Totentanz V.1: CD 1

Totentanz V.1: CD 2 & Art

Sunday, December 27, 2015

V/A - The Official Techno Club Compilation (Import CD/1990)

If you have put 10 minutes into looking over this blog, you will see that I have a massive love for the late 80's and early 90's German labels 'New Zone', 'Zoth Ommog' and 'Suck Me Plasma'! I have most of their material, I said most, not all. I will post more in the future. As always, my scans/photoshops of the art and my personal recordings from the source material.

This latest post was one of my favorites, outside of the Warp releases and the 'Technopolis' series, from the early 90's. I recently acquired this CD...again! I had sold it years ago and never made a good recording of it. Got this on Discogs. Not to bad price wise either ($32 from Germany) considering it usually sells for $50 and up. So enjoy this now! Most links that used to be up on the internet have long vanished. ALL the art has been scanned.

Official: Techno Club

Friday, December 18, 2015

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Peek-A-Boo (Ltd. Ed. Promo 12 Inch / 1988)

01 Peek-A-Boo (Big Spender Mix) 6:10
02 Peek-A-Boo (Two Faced Mix) 6:04

Bought and sold this Ltd. Ed. Numbered Promo 12 Inch within a month time and made 10x what I paid for it. Got to love Discogs!  The mixes are pretty nice. I'm certain I would have used them back when I was whipping up the 80's nights I DJ'ed. A nice find, now a nice share...for you! All Art & Recordings are from this actual 12 inch. Enjoy!

Peek-A-Boo: Two Faced Mix

54-40 - 54-40 (CD Reissue / 2010)

In 1986, I was an art student studying graphic design at an expensive art school. I had no money to speak of, but always chunked together enough cash to buy records, go clubbing and drink. Funny how that works out. One of my purchases, (again on the cheap as all my stories involving record purchases go) was this debut release from 54.40. I had no clue what it sounded like and had no one telling me to go out and buy it. One of those 'I have a few bucks for cheap-o cut out LP's, let's shop' moments. My decision turned out to be aces! It also became a favourite! Only a handful of friends had even heard of them...and they were musicians in local bands. I knew I was in 'it'. Long story short, I played this LP out, wore down the Cassette tape and finally caved into this new fangled thing called a the long box...anyone remember that? I loved that CD until it broke. Well, this leads up to the 2010 Wounded Bird reissue. Ah, fresh again! Do enjoy this at your own leisure! 

Oh, one last quick note...the track 'I Go Blind'...yeah, this is the group that WROTE & RECORDED it 10 years before Hootie covered it!  

One Way: Me Island

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Modern English - Ricochet Days (Import CD Reissue / 1992)

I wanted to post this earlier, but the artwork I had was scanned by an amateur (me) from years ago. So, I ordered a new one to keep in my 4 A.D. collection. The last one I had was sold. This is to coincide (roughly) with one of my fellow blogger friends' post here 'Themes From Great Cities'. This is the 4 A.D. reissue from 1992. All the Art and recordings are directly from this release. Here's the Discogs link if you need track times and any other info. Enjoy!

Modern English: Ricochet Days