Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The J.A.M.M.S. / KLF - 1987 (Import CD / 1987)

01 Me Ru Con 2:27
02 The Queen And I 4:46
03 All You Need Is Love 7:44
04 Next 7:14
05 Hey, Hey We Are Not The Monkees 6:08
06 Don't Take Five (Take What You Want) 5:08
07 Rockman Rock (Parts 2 & 3) 7:13

Some early KLF here today, when the boys were running around as the sample stealing hooligans of the UK under the name of The J.A.M.M.S. This is an acquired listening, as it is not smooth, but often just a radical and straight up rip off of tracks and back beat. Obviously the controversy did them well. It shed light on the subject of sample stealing, which to this day is so blatantly used in many of the current R&B / Top 40 U.S. hits. I was never a fan of early JAMMS material, but it is a testament of what was to come...and quite honestly, they (the CD's or vinyl) are usually expensive to come by or were at one point. On another level, this is just a place holder and a novel addition to my blog. I do have another JAMMS release to post as well! The real posts, the ones I was referring to a few days ago on the facebook site...yeah, they are coming up! Thanks all, enjoy!

Just a quick update to this post. About two weeks ago I sold this actual CD to a UK buyer. It was purchased via the discogs site. Here's how the buyer received it. I'm uncertain if I can claim that it was the U.S. Post or the U.K. Post that is responsible. Just sad....

Justified Ancients Of: Mu Mu


  1. -= Faith Healer =-May 9, 2015 at 8:29 PM

    good music or not, this is an absolute classic , and as you pointed out a progenitor of today's mainstream music!

    Thank you for the hiQ scans!!!

    Hope you still post some of the other remix services you mentioned sometime down the road!


    1. Thanks Faith Healer! I might get back to those remix services. I have two bigger posts that I'm working on at the moment...

    2. -= Faith Healer =-May 12, 2015 at 12:51 PM

      all your posts are excellent, so either way I am excited!


  2. No way was that damage done in the post, especially if the case is not cracked. It's very difficult to crack a CD.

    1. I completely agree! This is what I deal with when it comes to shipping expensive CD's. I have issues all the time with eBay and Discogs buyers regarding this, so it's not just anyone specific. There are many untruthful people in this world and my little personal business of selling music takes the hit because of it. Thanks for reminding! No, I do appreciate the comment.