Wednesday, April 8, 2015

V/A - Volume 4 (UK CD & Book / September 1992)

It's been roughly 5 months since I last posted a 'UK Volume' release, so with that in mind and the great suggestion from a fellow blogger, PPSHH, I begin again. Here's the Discogs link for any further information on this release. Outside of that, I want to thank all the readers and visitors to my blog. I recently moved past the 300, 000 mark (visits)! This is something I never expected (well, a bit) when I began this back in the fall of 2010. I hope that my delay in posts doesn't negatively affect your viewership. As for the 200+ posts I've added, only a few have had to be removed due to 'blogging restrictions', one just recently. My blogger friends know exactly what I speak of. OK.....just a thank you again for your patience and loyalty. Keep the requests coming. I do have a Facebook page for all that and I do try to get at them if I actually have the releases. (RA)

I want to update this post (7-31-15) within regards to continuing this series. I follow a blog that posted the entire 17 Volume FLAC! I understand that some of you would prefer smaller file sizes (320), but you can download a free converter, FLAC to MP3 or any other format, on the web. Anyway, for those of you interested in completing this series, head on over to MONSTERTRAX (password is 



  1. RA - My man!!! Holy smokes, that was quick! Greatly, GREATLY appreciate this offering! And congratulations on hitting 300K - I'm approaching the same number myself!

    Yup, I can totally relate to the "blogging restrictions" you speak of . . . in the early days, the DCMA came after me more than once. That's why I changed my request procedures; it's a bit of a pain for requesters, who can't get the music directly . . . but it keeps certain parties off my back, and ensures that good music is available to all.

    Keep up the great work!

    All the best to you from Pee-Pee Soaked Heckhole

    1. Awesome! Thanks again. Great to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to care!

  2. Excceeeeeeeellent! :) Thank you.

  3. The PWEI mix is actually the "No Half Measures Mix" by Adrian Sherwood, not "Adrian Sherwood Remix". :)