Friday, February 27, 2015

Thompson Twins - Sugar Daddy (US 12 Inch / 1989)

01 Sugar Daddy (Sweet N' Low Mix...aka 12 Inch Remix) 5:37
02 Sugar Daddy (Big Daddy's Dub) 5:14
03 Sugar Daddy (7 Inch Remix) 3:37
04 Sugar Daddy (Velvet Rail Mix...aka Sugar House Mix) 7:41
05 Sugar Daddy (Velvet Rail Dub...aka Sugar House Dub) 5:49
06 Monkey Man 3:33

I recently found this twelve inch for one dollar. I bought it to photograph the artwork. I already have the tracks on file. They were recorded by a good facebook friend, (Petee)! The recordings are excellent and will work perfectly with this post. You may notice that a few of the tracks have multiple titles. I don't doubt that all the TT fans out there will confirm this and adlib regarding the content. I'm all ears for comments! I needed to do a double check to see if any of my other fellow bloggers have covered this and I found that it was still open for a (recent and self recorded) posting. All artwork was taken from this twelve inch. Thanks to all of you readers for patiently awaiting my blog updates. If I actually had a 'Sugar Mama' (kind of do already), then I wouldn't need to hold down my recent taking of a part time job. Hell, we all need to pull our weight, right? Enough personal hoodoo....Enjoy!

Sugar: Daddy

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thomas Dolby - Blinded By Science (5 Song Mini LP / 1982)

01 She Blinded Me With Science 5:09
02 One Of Our Submarines 7:15
03 Windpower 5:57
04 Airwaves 5:20
05 Flying North 5:41

This is the incredible Thomas Dolby and one of his earlier works following his involvement with bands previous. This also was the first record I ever purchased by Dolby. His tracks were all over modern rock radio back in 1982 specifically 'She Blinded Me With Science' and 'One Of Our Submarines'. The tracks were so different from anything else, well, outside of Planet P which I bought roughly at the same time. Eventually, as most of us know, 'She Blinded Me With Science' went on to become an MTV favorite and achieve a peak #5 position with the Billboard Top 40 back in the late spring of 1983.

All of the songs from this LP are extended versions of the originals. I have decided to use the tracks from the 1999 CD compilation release '12X12'. The only track I recorded from this LP was 'Airwaves'. I hope to hear your feedback regarding it, as I was beside myself in making the decision not to record the entire mini LP. Perhaps some of you will like and or dislike that. Let me know and I can go back and record it in full. All the art is from my copy of the vinyl. Thanks!