Thursday, January 29, 2015

V/A - Acieed Inferno (Import CD / 1988)

These next few posts are going to draw from the late 80's European Acieed House craze. I have a series of CD's that are rather expensive to come by, well perhaps they used to be. Here's the Discogs link for some background information on this one. Most consumers out there are clueless as to 'the classics', so this is a little treat is for all my readers who were in the know back then. If you didn't know, you will be brought up to speed about the real Acid House history. For the most part, I absolutely hated Acid House back in the day, but what it morphed into made me all the more curious. All art & recordings are from my original CD I purchased 'years' ago! There was a time... 

Acieed:  Inferno


  1. Wonderful... I remember this Time the 303 Bass and the Smileys. I have this on Vinyl and love it... Thank you very much for the reminder of the ACID House era. Regards Sono

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the comment, Sono! I have more coming up...

  3. -= Faith Healer =-January 30, 2015 at 9:20 AM

    Thank you so much. I wasn't much into Acid House back then but it certainly morphed very quickly into trance/techno! Also, the accidental use of an old bass synth to create the famous 303 acid sound is why accidental music is so important!

    There were a few choice Acid House choons back then like Rififi's "Dr. Acid & Mr. House", D-Mob's Aciiied, Bomb The Bass, etc.

    Love it... thank you so much!

  4. Your welcome. Good old CD comps. For DJing purposes I took all the tracks from these CD's and amplified them. The original recordings are low on the dB scale, but far better than today's brick-walled levels!

  5. yet the loudness war continues. I really think that's why pop music sounds so annoying now! There is simply no room to breathe!

    Can you imagine if Pink Floyd were discovered today? They would cut all the songs to 3 minutes and remove all dynamic ranges ... lol

    listening to RIFIFI right now ... lol ... great tune! Absolutely love it!