Friday, January 2, 2015

INXS - Devil Inside (US 12 Inch / 1987)

01 Devil Inside (Re-Mix Version) 6:28
02 Devil Inside (7 Inch Version) 5:09
03 On The Rocks (Unavailable on LP) 3:06

There are a ton of INXS releases out there in the blogosphere, why not add another contribution. I've seen this on other blogs in CD Single format before and of course this has been widely put on various compilations of theirs, so it's not terribly hard to come by anymore. I used the CD Single as my recording basis and then tweaked the tracks. All of the art is from my extremely beat up twelve inch. I spent several hours photo shopping this one...because I'm OCD and have too much spare time. The art will also be put up on the Discogs site shortly.

Devil: Inside


  1. I have this 12" and several others from the band. I really liked the extended dance/club versions. Thanks!

  2. Your welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. -= Faith Healer =-January 5, 2015 at 7:05 PM

    AWESOME!!! Thank you for putting so much work into it!

    You are right that you can get this and all other tracks by INXS easily. However, the extended remix is impossible to find in good quality. Love this version!!!!

    I heard that there was also a limited pressing of a remix for Mystify but I was never able to find that one and doubt it exists!


  4. The only remixes I've ever seen of 'Mystify' is the 2004 Mellow Trax remixes for it. Very clubby with elements of the original. I've also seen a slew of other individuals taking the track to task and making their own personal extended mix. That's about it...and I went through the Discogs site too for more info. IDK.

  5. Do you by any chance have the B-Tribe – Fiesta Fatal 12″ with DJ Pippi’s ‘Noche Latina’ Percussion Mix (–Fiesta-Fatal-/release/815393)?

    Also looking for VARISUVIA by Funk De Fino:

  6. I have the US (Atlantic Records) release of the B-Tribe. It is the same time stamp as the link you provided. I also have the Gypsy release too. I'll add them too the mix at some point. Thanks for the request. Feel free to post on the FB site too.

  7. Man, that would be incredibly awesome!!! I used to have both vinyls and played both a lot! THANK YOU so much - in advance! I will check back every day!

    Do you also have any white label records from back in the day? For example, I used to have a great white label remix of Armand's Phunk Phenomenon that had somebody "rapping" over it in spanglish. That record used to set the dancefloor on fire!

  8. I have the previous requests in rotation for recording. Posting some other releases first. As for white labels, not really. I dj'ed many styles of music back in the 90's, so my collection is vast and all encompassing. I normally don't put up too much house/techno/electronica on the blog, but I will post some. Thanks again! Stay tuned....

  9. Understood ... (besides those two records) I really prefer your rare/obscure 80s stuff!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Understood! (besides the two requested Techno/House vinyls above) I really prefer your obscure and rare 80s material!!!

    Thank you again for the two requests and keep up the good work!!!