Saturday, January 10, 2015

B-Tribe - Fiesta Fatal (US 12 Inch / 1993)

01 Fiesta Fatal (Barcelona Tribe Megamix) 7:35
02 Fiesta Fatal (Radio Edit) 3:42
03 Fiesta Fatale (Pippi's Noche Latina Percussion Mix) 4:02
04 Fiesta Fatal (Ragga UK Mix) 6:03


05 Fiesta Fatal (Album Version) 5:59

Knocking out a couple of requests from you readers/followers of my blog. Stepping into the Tribal House department for this lovely slice of wax. I remembering gushing over this one back when I picked it up in '93. I still recall where I dropped the 'Noche Latina' version in my mixes and with what tracks it worked best. A good recall and some great times from long ago!

Regarding the vinyl itself, it has seen better days. I think that there really is only a slight issue with the take/recording of the Radio Edit. As for the first track and the last track, those were culled from the original CD, otherwise all art and most of the recordings are from this twelve inch.


  1. -= Faith Healer =-January 11, 2015 at 8:03 PM


    Thank you so much. I used to play this a lot. I actually ended up mostly playing Pippi's Noche Latina Percussion Mix but all the mixes were great (great band in general!).


  2. Right?! I think 1993 was so transitional given the 'get out of' the typical rave/techno slot. Tribal was massive and this was one of the early tracks that stepped into the idea of 'Big Beat'...well, eventually! I dropped this track in with the Goodmen, Elephant Paw & old KC Flight not to mention a half dozen of other labels that catered to this...dare I say Limbo Records?!

  3. -= Faith Healer =-January 12, 2015 at 9:42 PM

    I agree! Techno/trance definitely took on a greater form at that time ... absolutely loved playing all the tribal stuff! Goodmen never left my crate!KC Flightt had a really great track called BANG (

    Another record I used to play a lot was DJ LACE's Horizontal Lambada ( You wouldn't by any chance have that? It has the immortal Diane Keaton sample "We are going to have an Orgasm".

    I feel like we need to get a beer and talk about some of these great records!


  4. Thanks Faith Healer! I'll check my collection for those other tracks. I'll take you up on that bier or three, if you ever visit Milwaukee, WI.!!

  5. I thought we (my wife and I) were the only ones who knew about this group. We have 3 of their albums but haven't been able to find any others - Didn't even know this 12" existed. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the comment PPMD! Go here to check out the entire B-Tribe collection.

  7. Hi RA,
    Thanks for your awesome posts. This file has expired, can your post?

    1. Thanks again! Added to my list of're-ups'.