Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Icicle Works - Seven Singles Deep (Import LP / 1986)

01 Hollow Horse (Long Version) 4:57
02 Love Is A Wonderful Colour (Long Version) 6:47
03 Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (Frantic Mix) 5:21
04 All The Daughters (Of Her Father's House) (Long Version) 6:32
05 When It All Comes Down (Unabridged Version) 6:33
06 Seven Horses (American Version) 4:44
07 Rapids 4:28

So the long and short of this release is that it basically is an EP style release of 12 inches. All the tracks were from the Icicle Works first two LP's, the self titled release from 1983 and the 1985 release 'The Small Price Of A Bicycle'. Granted, these are 12 inch versions of the original releases. The vinyl has stood the test of time...relatively. The record itself has been played quite a bit and I was disappointed with the recordings I took from it. I decided to buy both CD Remasters of the first two records. Both Reissues/Remasters had expanded material added.

I used the tracks from those remasters for this post. Oddly, as it sometimes happens with remasters, there is a tendency to not go full-on in the remastering process. At least it feels that way. The 2011 remaster of The Small Price... seems like just an expanded release, sounding quite similar to the original 1985 CD...which I also have. The 2006 remaster of the 1983 S/T Release has been brick-walled, technically over done and extremely loud and compressed. Given all that, I used the tracks provided and then re-EQ'ed and lowered the dB standing of said tracks. Don't get me wrong, it still sounds great, just not excellent or up to snuff of a 'proper' remaster. All art is taken from my 1986 gate fold import LP.


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