Monday, December 1, 2014

Schiller Mit Heppner - Dream Of You (US CDS / 2002)

01 Original Radio Edit 4:02
02 Molella Radio Edit 3:47
03 Extended Mix 7:49
04 Tomkraft Remix 7:31
05 Ayla Remix 8:44
06 Molella Remix 5:09
07 Free Schiller Remix 9:38
08 Chillout Remix 11:07

This track recently came up in conversation over the band Wolfsheim. I have to say that their work is superb and that Peter Heppner's solo material is outstanding. This leads me to this track from the German electronic act Schiller. They brought in Peter for the vocals. It turned out to be an awesome track that had plenty of club play back in 2001, when it was released on the Schiller CD 'Weltreise'. 

Dream Of You 


  1. Great track! Heppner's voice makes any song melancholically superb!

    I wish there were some real remixes of Sparrow and the Nightingale .... such an awesome song!

    1. Aaaah ... The Sparrows and the Nightingales. Did you ever listen to the lyrics? "Where is the leader who leads me? I'm still waiting" and then the repetition of this line in German: "Wo ist der Führer, der mich führt? Ich warte immer noch" (you know what the "Führer" in German means, don't you?). Why only this line in German, although the word "Führer" still has such a strong connotation to Hitler in German that *everybody* else avoids it?! And can't you *easily* interpret nightingales as Arians and sparrows as non-Arians/Jews? And the thing he emphasizes to be waiting for as the new Reich? Of course Heppner always denied the meaning but could not offer another one. I like the melody, too, but can you really ignore this? I think they best should be completely avoided.

  2. I never really went in depth to find out the true meaning regarding the track you mentioned. I was a bit more interested in the single I posted to the page. I'm sharing your comment as so others may weigh in if they deem necessary,. Thank you for reviewing my blogpost.

  3. lol ... people and their crazy conspiracy theories!!!

    Fuehrer means NOTHING MORE than leader! In the English language it now has the negative connotation associated with Hitler. In German, fuehrer means to lead ... that's it. It's similar to when you hear the word Comrad and immediately associate it with communism, even though it only means "friend".

    Additionally, many German singers like Heppner, Falco, etc often mix German and English lyrics.

    The best part of the idiotic statement above though is the claim that nightingale refers to Germans and sparrows to jews without explaining why?!?! I have never heard of people referring to Germans as nightingales ... lol

    Anyhow, if you listen to the entire song, you can tell that this is an anti-war and anti-hate song. The context of the text shows that sparrows and nightingales refers to the fact that people try to differentiate between species but in fact they are all just birds (e.g. the same!).

  4. Thanks for the rebuttal, F.H.! Just on a side note, not to you specifically, but to the audience in general, any further comments regarding the past statements will not be published.

  5. Thanks for the lyrics to that track Faith Healer! I will not be publishing them do to the fact that it's 'Dream Of You' as the original post. ;)

  6. Is there any way you can upload the "LOVE CATS" 12" by THE CURE (and maybe a few other ones from the 80s CURE like Why Can't I Be You, Love Song, Boys Don't Cry)

  7. I will look into that for you! Taking a bit of time off. A few big things coming up soon! Thanks for the request.

  8. Good for you! I hope you enjoy your time off or accomplish what you are aiming for!!!

    Thank you for all the goodies!

    When you return, is there any way you may possibly have ""Josh Wink - A Higher State Of Wink's Works"" and all the Higher State Of Consciousness Remixes?

  9. Thanks. I have to check on my collection regarding Josh Wink...great track too!

  10. Glad you're back ... keep me posted on Josh Wink and The Cure Love Cats!


  11. Right on...thanks for the reminder.

  12. RS...I recently found, what I'm assuming are, the complete mixes of Wink's 'Higher State' remixes. It's on one of the blog's I follow. Go here: