Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heavenly Bodies - Celestial (CD / 1988)

01 Intro 1:13
02 Rains On Me 4:07
03 An Obsession 4:23
04 Time Stands Still 3:50
05 The Icon 3:09
06 Stars Collide 3:35
07 Road To Maralinga 2:32
08 Shades Of Love 3:48
09 Cavatina 3:08
10 Sendero Luminoso 5:06
11 Exit 1:11
12 Anima (Live) 3:12
13 Coercion (Instrumantal) 2:17
14 Rains On Me (Robin Guthrie Remix) 4:05

Thank you to jbinjapan for this blog post suggestion. This is from my original promo CD that I sold years ago. All art and recordings are taken from this original 1988 release.

Heavenly Bodies: Celestial


  1. thank you very much for another wonderful and rare release!

  2. Thank you very much - I owe you a pint!!! I used to own the Third Mind Records release back in the day but sadly had to give away all my records when I decided to travel and live abroad... Therefore, this has made my day - thank you (again)...

  3. Right on! Thanks again for the idea. Feel free to msg. me on the facebook site or on the 'chat on your side' blog inbox for any other requests!

  4. Sorry - I'm not a facebook person - but I will mail you through these pages of your great blog... Thinking about another request: do you have Beautiful Pea Green Boat's Maremma and/or Every Night With You I Die A Little EPs? They were a band around the same time as Heavenly Bodies.

  5. Nice Post! A true gem! I have the C'est La Mort release, what a great label that was. Used to call up Woodrow Dumas and order releases from him while I was in in College. You got any more lying around to share with the good people? I have a good chunk of their discography if you'd like to share.

  6. Thanks for the comment! I have to go back into my stock to see what I have from the label.

  7. I just wanted to thank you for Celestial. It is, indeed.

    Back on May 31st of last year, I posted up a tribute to Woody Dumas & C’est la Mort Records. I had a few too-short encounters with M. Dumas over the years. I included Heavenly Bodies – Rains on Me 12" EP at that time. I did not have this release until I found it here.

    In regards to several other commenters here & all things Little Woody…

    As per jbinjapan’s comment, I have BPGB’s Maremma. If either of you are interested, let me know. As per Nov. 19 Anonymous, check out my post that I mentioned above for a great deal more from Woody (& I have more...)

    Thank you again for all you do. Keep sharing the unique.

    1. Excellent! Thank you for commenting and sharing in on this post. I hope the others will find it enlightening as well.

  8. nice, i have this , thanks for posting this magic album ♥