Thursday, November 27, 2014

Eurythmics - This Is The House (UK 12 Inch / 1982)

01 This Is The House 6:16
02 Your Time Will Come (Live) 7:30
03 Never Gonna Cry Again (Live) 4:37
04 4 In 4 Leather (Live) 3:04
05 Take Me To Your Heart (Live) 5:02


06 Your Time Will Come - Never Gonna Cry Again - 4-4 In Leather (Live) 15:13

As with my previous Eurythmics post, my thanks go out to the work of my friend Petee and his recordings of this original 12 inch. I respect his process and appreciate the time he has taken to make this file. In this case, I own the original UK 12 inch and probably could have recorded it myself, but I'm sticking with the tracks that were provided for me. I did take one liberty in providing you with a bonus track of all the live recordings as one solid track. I did not include 'Take Me To Your Heart' because it doesn't feel as if it's live. It has little or no crowd noise. All art & recordings are taken from the original UK 12 inch. Thanks again for all the requests and input. I'm working on several other postings at the moment!

A quick edit and side note (12-2-14), DJ Paul T has posted this 12 inch as well on his blog( BTG). He has used his own art and recording for his post, not to draw any conclusions if you thought we we're sharing any files between us. Thanks!

                                        Eurythmics: This Is The House (New Link 10-31-16)


  1. Great Post. These ones are hard to find. I love this period of Eurythmics. I've been looking for the 7" singles of these for a long time, as well as the unique "Step On The Beast" cassette ep.

  2. I second that emotion.