Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Tear Garden - The Center Bullet (Canadian 12 Inch / 1986)

01 The Center Bullet 9:46
02 Ophelia 8:29
03 Tear Garden 4:50
04 My Thorny,Thorny Crown 3:57


05 Tear Garden - My Thorny, Thorny Crown 8:47

Here is the other track I spoke of in my previous MC 900 Ft Jesus post. I just can't seem to get over the lovely eerie spatial feel of this brooding track. It made for a great early evening listening on Halloween night, or what ever night I was DJing for a Hallow's Eve celebration. It's easy to understand why this works so well. Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) & Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy) are at the helm of the creation!

All art & recordings are from the twelve inch. I've included a bonus full length seamless mix of the last two tracks for a more complete effect along with the individual tracks.

Enter Bullet: Center Bullet


  1. -= Faith Healer =-October 19, 2014 at 1:43 PM


    Thank you so much! This is definitely a HALLOWEEN Classic!

  2. Rad, even Bill Leeb was on this. Thanks!

    1. Truth! Always loved this track and many other T.G. works. Thanks for the comment!