Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MC 900 Ft Jesus - The City Sleeps (US CDS / 1992)

01 The City Sleeps (Radio Edit) 4:40
02 The City Sleeps (Vocal Remix) 5:51
03 The City Sleeps (Clarinet Remix) 5:49
04 The City Sleeps (Instrumental) 4:16

Halloween and All Saint's Day are right around the corner. On that note, I have a few posts that fit the mood quite proper. This lovely little night time track from MC 900 Ft. Jesus was a staple in my early Halloween DJ sets. I play 'The City Sleeps' so often, that it's one of the top tracks on my iPod and it has won the heart of my twelve year old daughter. Granted, it's not something I condone, but this track is all about arson and the eradicating of 'ghosts' in the night, which I believe to be bad memories. Offered up on the CDS are several mixes, but I always stuck with the original and Instrumental. All tracks and art are from the original release.


  1. Great Track!!!!

    Thank you

    Do you by any chance have the new ALFA MATRIX Tribute to THE CURE: "A Strange Play" [http://www.synthema.ru/53131-alfa-matrix-predstavit-tribyut-the-cure-a-strange-play.html]

  2. Thanks for the comment! I only have a couple tracks from that recent Alfa Matrix release. I'll look into it. Thanks again!

  3. thank you in advance! I have the ALFA MATRIX tribute to DEPECHE MODE and I am telling you they are absolutely awesome!. So I imagine the CURE TRIBUTE should be just as good!

  4. I agree. Still looking for a d/l of the Cure Tribute, as I said, I only have a few tracks from it.

  5. 'A Strange Play' (A Tribute to the Cure) comes out on 11/7 Here's a bandcamp link. http://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/a-strange-play-an-alfa-matrix-tribute-to-the-cure

  6. Thanks for this Gem!

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for the comment. Surprised the link is still active!