Thursday, October 23, 2014

Marillion - He Knows You Know (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01 He Knows You Know 5:06
02 Charting The Single 4:52

This single was one of the first tracks I had ever heard by Marillion. I was hooked. The special thing about this was the fact that I didn't hear it on my local radio. I had a fantastic stereo tuner that was able to pick up signals from neighboring States. I randomly tuned in to a distant signal one late evening to hear this track and several other bands I'd never heard of before. Hell, I heard an INXS track and recorded it to tape spelling it 'In Excess'. Oh to be young and naive all over again! On with it...all art and tracks are taken from this 12 inch release. Enjoy.


  1. Could you re-upload?

    1. Did yesterday. It is working now. Thanks!

    2. It is I who should thank you!

    3. All good! Just thanking you for mentioning it was down. Sometimes it takes me a while to repair links and sometimes I just don't get around to it or I forget.