Monday, September 8, 2014

Ministry - I'm Falling (US 12 Inch / 1982)

01 I'm Falling 4:03
02 Primental 5:13
03 Cold Life 6:18

On of the rare and early 12 inch records released on Wax Trax! The information is visible in the photo of the back of the record jacket. A nice unique way of envelope packaging adds to the rarity of this release. All the photos and recordings were taken from this record. In addition, the photos I took and retouched have been added to the discogs site for this release.

Cold: Life 


  1. AWESOME!!!!

    Thank you so much for this rare 12"

    I am surprised that WAX TRAX has not decided to put ALL the old 12"es out as a compilation like MUTE did with their catalogue.

    The could get a lot of money out of 80s suckers like you and me ... lol

    I bought the MUTE collection even though I had almost all the original 12"es.

  2. Wax Trax! did put out the Black Box set, but It wasn't as complete as that lovely Mute Box set. Thanks again!

  3. do you maybe also have

    - TAYAH - WISH UPON THE STAR (the full 12" with the Laser Overture)

    - CRESCENDO - ARE YOU OUT THERE (full 12")

  4. Yeah. I love that Black Box ... bought that one twice after I lost my first copy. That one is PERFECT from beginning to end!!! I just wish there was more of it.

    It is really hard to figure out their early releases in order but I would love to have their first 10-20 12"es and maybe other early comps ... just hard to figure out. Maybe you have some other early Wax Trax releases?!-Records!-Records


    I also used to have Wax Trax "Ethnotechno: Sonic Anthropology Volume I " sampler but can't find it anywhere ... great stuff on there. Do you have that one?

  5. Feel free to add any requests to the 'Chat On The Side' box. That way I'll have a running list of ideas and other blog followers will see what already has been put up. Thanks again!