Wednesday, July 9, 2014

V/A - Twin Tone Catalog Sampler (More Hits From Mid America) (Promo CD / 1992)

Every now and then, you have to enjoy a random various artists compilation / sampler promo! This one hails from the label Twin Tone based out of Minneapolis, MN. A lovely one at that with some quality tracks from bands gone by and some that still work it out! BTW, this was another good & cheap find from a local used music store. All art is included.

Twin Tone Records: New Link 1-16-17


  1. Thanks! It's hard to find online presence of the Dashvoard Saviors, who were an Atlanta band I saw and liked, usually opening for larger acts.

  2. Thanks for the comment! A few of these band were new to me even given the fact that I live in the Midwest. Nonetheless, a great find. Feel free to visit the sidestepping FB page if you are in search of anything or have requests. All good!

  3. Living in Minneapolis during that time was very cool, I never got this sampler but had the earlier volume that was on vinyl that was the sampler to have! Thanks for the fun memories

  4. thank you for your great work and your great blog! a lot to see read and find! really amazing! thank you! yours from vienna

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the comment! Vienna...a city I have always wanted to travel to. Feel free to contact me regarding any requests as or on Facebook.

  6. thank you RA Feutz! nice words from you. you should visit vienna. thank you sooo much for your kind words. always there for you too! cheers yours from vienna ;-)

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    1. Your welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment.