Wednesday, July 9, 2014

King - Steps In Time (CD [1985] / 1994 Expanded Re-Release)

Struck it rich again at the local Goodwill! This is the 1994 Oglio Records Expanded Re-Release (released on 7/19/94) of the classic 1985 original. It generally sells for about $6-12, but I got my (VG) copy for $0.99...and a 5% frequent shopper discount! Years ago this was fetching $30+ on eBay and Amazon,  but back in 2010 Cherry Red Records (UK) remastered and re-released it, so prices are moderate for a used copy these days. BTW, reselling mine on eBay soon! Look under the seller (DJRAF2003) to bid on this original re-release.

Won't You Hold My Hand: Hand 


  1. Hi SE16 here, thanks for adding my blog to yours will do the same for yours.Like yourself i am a stay at home dad with my 10 month old twin boys,tough job lol.Love the mile race track some good races over the years.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Great to have you on board. I spent days at your site once I discovered it and I'm happy to share your awesome posts on my blog list!

  3. OMG, Paul King. PAUL KING. The big crush of my college years. I LOVED this album when it came out 30 years ago, and I still love it. Every time I play it, it brings back great memories -- and the songs still sound just as good as the first time I heard them!

    If you can find his solo album "Joy," that's also well worth checking out.

    1. Thanks again! Grew up with most of the 'King' material. I have 'Joy', in fact it's a UK pressing with an extra track. Let me check into it and see if it has been put out on the blogs of recent!