Thursday, April 3, 2014

Short Stuff - Short Stuff (LP / 1976)

01)  If Bad Luck Were Money                                   3:50
02)  This Time I Got You                                             3:01
03)  Main Lady                                                            3:18
04)  Every Day I Learn Something New                   4:14
05)  Always There                                                       3:14
06)  Let’s Straighten it Out                                       4:29
07)  One Of These Days                                              3:02
08)  Sloppy Drunk                                                       1:17
09)  I Made A Mistake                                               2;56
10)  The Disco Kid                                                       3:46
11)  Coda Kid                                                               1:40

My last post involved some classic Milwaukee 80's AOR. I'd like to follow that up with a superb slice of 70's Blues Rock, actually 1976, from the same scene. This is a FAR trip from what I normally post. It actually was a side project for my local Postal carrier who was looking for a quality digital transfer of the LP. I decided to take it on and put this LP on the blog as well. This is the infamous Jim Liban and his blues rock with a good dose of harmonica and low cool. It's certain to please my 'Blues Rock' friends and anyone else searching for this on the net. All art & recordings are taken directly from the original LP.
Short Stuff: Jim Liban  

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