Thursday, April 3, 2014

Short Stuff - Short Stuff (LP / 1976)

01)  If Bad Luck Were Money                                   3:50
02)  This Time I Got You                                             3:01
03)  Main Lady                                                            3:18
04)  Every Day I Learn Something New                   4:14
05)  Always There                                                       3:14
06)  Let’s Straighten it Out                                       4:29
07)  One Of These Days                                              3:02
08)  Sloppy Drunk                                                       1:17
09)  I Made A Mistake                                               2;56
10)  The Disco Kid                                                       3:46
11)  Coda Kid                                                               1:40

My last post involved some classic Milwaukee 80's AOR. I'd like to follow that up with a superb slice of 70's Blues Rock, actually 1976, from the same scene. This is a FAR trip from what I normally post. It actually was a side project for my local Postal carrier who was looking for a quality digital transfer of the LP. I decided to take it on and put this LP on the blog as well. This is the infamous Jim Liban and his blues rock with a good dose of harmonica and low cool. It's certain to please my 'Blues Rock' friends and anyone else searching for this on the net. All art & recordings are taken directly from the original LP.
Short Stuff: Jim Liban  

(REPOST) V/A - 93 QFM Hometown Album Project No. 2 (2 LP / 1982)

I've decided to finally finish up recording the remainder of this 93 WQFM Milwaukee Radio Sampler from 1982. I originally posted the 1st side of LP 1 back in 2010 SSBLOG 9/3/2010.  I re-edited my previous recordings and have fully adjusted all the tracks for volume, noise, pops & clicks. Quite a bit of time was taken to fix the tracks, as the records were in good condition, but were pressed on flimsy yellow vinyl.

I've photographed and scanned all the artwork from the original LP, plus the bonus flyers that were included along with additional scans of 93QFM Bumper Stickers from the past. I'm missing one flyer that was part of this set. It was a promo flyer for the then upcoming 1983 Summerfest Event that takes place on the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee.

A Classic Mixed Bag Of Midwest 80's AOR: (New Link 9-25-18)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Final Cut - I Told You Not To Stop - She Destroys (US 12 Inch / 1990)

01) I Told You Not To Stop (In Tight Connelly Mix) 6:53
02) I Told You Not To Stop (Version Fusion Mix) 4:33
03) I Told You Not To Stop (LP Mix) 5:32
04) She Destroys (Hilltop Mix) 8:44
05) She Destroys (Vocal Vision) 4:18

Art & all recordings are taken from this 12 inch.
I Told You Not To Stop: New Link 8-6-16