Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Indicate - The Latest Idea (German Import 12 Inch / 1989)

01) The Latest Idea 6:12
02) Gemutlichkeit 5:40
03) No Bailes 6:31

Back in 1989, most of the music I was listening to was from the west, particularly Germany. Technodrome International, ZYX and many other labels to numerous to name, were on the cutting edge of the electronic underground sound. This 12 inch is a fine example. It includes some awesome samples from 'Friday The 13th' and a few other movies. It was a record that took me some time to find and now I see it is quite expensive on the site Discogs
All art and recordings are taken from the 12 inch.
It's Only Been A Few Hours Since I've Translated And Spoken Aloud, The First Of The Demon Resurrection Passages From The Book Of The Dead: Idea


  1. Do you have any of the old technodrome various samplers you can post? my number 2 is scratched to hell

    1. I'll take a look. I have a ton of those types of CD comps from back then. Thanks!